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What are some good aviation schools in Australia?

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Q: What are some good aviation schools in Australia?
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What are some good cities in the United States that have aviation maintenance schools?

There are several schools for aviation that are in good cities. If you are interested in Embry riddle, they are located in Panama Beach, Florida. Also, in Tulsa, Oklahoma they have Spartan University which is a great school.

Where are some flight schools I can enroll in?

Not everybody can fly a plane so if you want to be able to fly planes, you have to enroll in aviation schools. Phoenix East Aviation Inc. and Airline Transport Professionals are some of the few aviation schools which offer courses in flying planes.

What are some good high schools in Australia?

sydney tech and James ruse

Where can I find more information on aviation schools?

The requirements to study in a aviation school can be found at . Some are that you must have a high school diploma and be pretty good at math and physics.

What are some good aviation science projects?

Courses Offered by PAL Aviation School?

Private Pilot License Commercial Pilot License Instrument Rating but you should check some cheaper aviation schools

What are some good colleges in the field of aviation?

The United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado is a good college for a career in aviation.

Is it good to pursue aviation after 12th grade?

sure it is.Many start even earlier.find some people that are in to aviation and most will be happy to help. Good luck.

How many schools have a school bus in Australia?

most privete schools have there own but some public schoos have them

Do you need your GED to get into Aviation School?

Yes, you do need you high school diploma or your GED to get into Aviation school. Also some schools may require a 2-4 year degree, however it is not mandatory. Many schools require or request that you take a Aviation psyhology test/IQ test while in school, however if you wish to take one before you enter they are available.

What are some good piloting schools?

visit them at: about them: Before contacting us, please read the Frequently Asked Questions! 90% of the questions we receive have previously been addressed in our Discussion Forums. We regret that we are unable to answer questions on aviation or air travel in general.

What are some degrees in aviation?

I'm pretty sure that the only degree for Aviation is in fact aviation.

How much does it cost to go to primary school in Australia?

Most schools in Australia are state or public schools, meaning that there is no charge for children to attend. There are still costs of textbooks and uniforms. There are also large numbers of private schools throughout Australia. These may range in annual fees from about $7,000 to up to $15,000 - possibly more in some elite schools.

Where can I learn more about the aviation insurance?

The good place to check is about(dot)com. They have several pages devoted to insurances, including aviation insurance. That should give you some background on it.

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