What are some good careers in biology that pay well?


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There are quite a few careers that are offered in the field of Biology that pay well. Lab researchers for cosmetic and drug companies. Teaching also pays well one you have tenure.

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There are several different branches of biology. Some of these include marine biology, zoology, bio-chemistry, botany, as well as molecular biology.

There are some great careers in Hematology if you are looking to study blood. They get paid very well and you do not need a lot of school to get a job.

a prostitue gets 65$/hour which is good

We know that science is very important for us. Biology is also the part of science. Biology has limitations as well achiments. Some limitations of biology are: 1) Some discoveries was there but some will be discover later.

Well if you are really good at math you could be a mathematician.

they have a list on forbes.com and to be honest more than 75% of the top 15 most well-paying careers are careers in medicine (sergeon is the most well-paying). the non-medical careers i remember are CEOs and Lawyers.

Well. Human biology is only one subject, whereas biology covers humans and other sub- subjects. It also depends on your knowledge of the subjects I chose Biology and did pretty well whereas a friend took Human Biology and didn't do so well. We were both the same level before. SO good luck and the over all chose it yours.. choose wisely

Well, you can expect a good deal of Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and possibly Physical Chemistry (along with some labs). You can also expect to take some Calculus, Introductory Physics, Introductory Biology, and possibly some advanced Biology.

They believe that children need to do well in school by studying well and making good friends, while parents just leave the children whatever they want.

Well Planarians like to eat Chicken and Hotdogs! I am having to find some for extra credit for my biology class.Good luck

well it is something you use in biology but i am not in biology yet so idk sorry

you can show him past work that you've done, showing that you love biology and you're really good at it. you can also tell him, "look, if you put me in AP biology, i promise to pass. and if i don't, you can switch me out of the class."

Doctors need to have good grades in Science and Math, as well as some physics and other subcategories, Chemistry, Biology, Ect.

There are a number of branches of biology. These include bio-chemistry, zoology, marine biology, geobiology, as well as molecular biology.

well, one definite benefit is the better understanding of the world around you once you study biology. some other benefits might be the various jobs you can have after you earn a degree in some form of biology, like, for example, marine biology. This is a test question from Connections Academy. Do your own studying!

Many potential psychology majors choose to go into sports psychology. Which is also a very good paying field, some students even get to meet famous athletes.

Well it depends on what Science you are talking about. If it's Biology then there is a whole section about insects in the GLENCOE Biology: Dynamics of Life book. Because well Biology is the study of life.

The xylem is a key component in cellular biology of plants. It's purpose is to transport water but it also transports some nutrients within the plant as well.

Well, you study for 3-4 years in school. Hope I helped! Good Luck!

well tell me about yourself and I Will answer that. All of us have some thoughts and ideas about our careers and professions. It is however sad to see that not everyone reaches a career or path of profession that they would like to.

There is an immense amount of diversity when it comes to careers in biology. Not only can a biologist work in a laboratory or office setting, but they can also be off traveling the world to perform vital field studies or help enhance the conservation framework of developing countries. While the road to becoming a full-fledged professional biologist is a long and arduous one, the rewards are definitely there for the person that has the ability to stick it out until the end. When you're deciding on the direction you should take in your biology career, the most important thing you can do is to decide on the specific field of biology you want to work in. Many people make the false assumption that biology is a very static field of work that doesn't have a whole lot of variation. The reality is that there are a number of different directions that you can take your biology career, making careers in biology some of the most diverse you'll find anywhere. One direction will have you sleeping in a tent, surrounded by old growth forest during a field study in a remote forest; the other will have you working in a lab 40 hours a week. Both are vital, and both attract different types of people. For example, becoming a field biologist is one of the most popular careers in biology-- until people actually spend a season in the field. Very few people can actually withstand the rigors of data collection in the field while being bombarded by insects, and while dealing with the rain and the cold. Many people tend to move toward becoming biology professors or toward working in laboratories to analyze data recovered during field expeditions. While they are all important jobs, they absolutely attract different types of personalities. As you can see, there are many paths to take when you are interested in careers in biology. The specific path you take is dictated mostly by your personal interests, however there is definitely a "personality" aspect to it as well. With time, you'll easily figure out which careers in biology are best suited to you.

Network engineering is one of the highly paid computer careers today. If you are a licensed network engineer, with Microsoft, cisco, oracle certifications, you will be highly in-demand and well-compensated. However, careers in programming are also in-demand and well-compensate as well.

Baker college is a good school if you are looking for a school that allows you to take online classes as well as classes in the classroom. It is also a good school for careers in culinary arts.

There are many many careers in space exploration. Astronaut usually comes to mind first but there are many engineering and science careers on the ground as well.

This may sound crazy to you but you would probably eligible to be a pharmaceutical rep. There are other careers you could do too. I suggest you see a career counselor or the counselors at the school you graduated from. To be a drug rep you need knowledge of the human body and to be able to speak to physicians and travel around in a city or region. Usually the job is just local. They get paid well too. Try this link and see if that helps you. http://www.aibs.org/careers/

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