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You might want to try a Social Skills (Picture) Book like those used with students who have autism and/or teaching the student Self Monitoring of Behavior. As for other accommodations, if the disability has interfered with student learning, preferntial seating, oral administration as allowable, small group or individual assistance, peer assistants, modified grading, reduced assignments, additional time to complete assignments/tests, visual cues, alternative assessment procedures, oral presentations, etc.

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School accommodation for student provide for current information in many area .

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Q: What are some good classroom accommodations for high school students with tourett's syndrome?
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Does Touretts' syndrome have a cure?

no, as of now there is no cure for TS, but there are medications to help although they are usually reserved for the more severe cases because their side effects may out way the actual tourettes itself.

Dose a touretts kid relize what they say after something is said?

In most cases, yes.

What is touretts?

tourettes is special neurological disorder where a person can not help twitching or making involuntary noises, i actually have tourettes and have done for 11 years of my life. its a major pain but you learn to deal with it

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Is touretts syndrome a disability?

No. Tourette's syndrome is a neurological disorder, typically caused by an abnormally structured basal ganglia and prefrontal cortex. It may also be related to levels of noradrenalin, seratonin and dopamine in the brain. It is not a mental disorder. Evidence suggests that individuals with Tourette's without comorbid conditions have a higher-than-predicted* IQ (based on a statistical model taking into account their age, family history and background), and may be more skilled at grammer and native-language skills. No studies on mathematical skills have been performed.

Is stuttering a sign of touretts syndrpne?

No, but they sometimes occur together, and people who stutter often develop tics when trying to get the words out. See the web site for The Stuttering Foundation for information on stuttering and tourettes. They have some in the brochure section.

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i have tourrets syndrome and i can remember wene it sarted and what i did by i only have minor tourets but i can hol d it in like big couds or in class but u know ene you have it if you have an erge too like make noises and some time's you want to fling your arms like punching making your arm tight but dont worry about it maybe embarasing but when people laugh you just say whats in your head and walk past but it can not spread or u can not catch it you are born with it it's like having 1 kidney other pple cant catch it and loose 1 kidney but yeahh1.

What are the chances of a person with touretts passing touretts on to their offspring?

Fragile-x is carried on the x-gene only. Men have XY chromosones and women XX. Men pass on the x-gene to all their daughters and the y-gene to all their sons. Women pass on either of their x-genes to sons and daughters. The spouse has no effect on the transmission of the faulty gene at all. Their x and/or y genes simply get combined. So, a male Fragile-x carrier has 100% chance of passing it his daughters and 0% chance to his sons. A female carrier has 50% chance of passing it to her daughters and 50% chance to her sons.

How can people with special needs work?

This is a very good question! As a person with special needs myself I can tell you that it is very difficult. I was born with Touretts Syndrome, have been on the TS board of directors, and counseled many people on this subject. The first thing I would recommend is to see if there is some association in your area that fits your special needs. If there is one go to their group meetings and meet people like yourself. There will be leaders there that have more answers to your questions then any doctor or professional. I have so many ideas for you that I would need to know more in order to refine my answers. Feel free to post questions on my board.

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Usually, the symptoms of touretts are abnormal gestures or movements. People with the disease are usually very jumpy, and may make abnormal sounds or movements.