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pellets hay andwater

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What are the necessary foods for HCG?

Good diet for HCG check it

What is the best diet for a thyroid problem?

A good thyroid diet seems to be the same as any good, well-balanced diet. Low glycemic index foods, high fiber foods and high nutrition foods are all good choices for the basis of a good thyroid diet.

Is it good for horses to give people rides?

Yes it is good for horses to give people rides

Are raw chicken eggs good for horses diet?

raw eggs aren't good for any diet.

What are good foods to use if your on a diet?


Can horses eat yam?

Yes! Horses love yams and it is also a good addition to any working horses diet. Just don't overfeed or give them rotten yams, which has the possibility of causing major infection.

What would be good foods to eat if I am on a low cholesterol diet?

Generally, eating healthier foods such as vegetables and fruits should be good for a low cholesterol diet. Some good foods are broccoli, carrots, apples, and bananas.

What is Best diet for a dancer?

Foods with protein to give you energy to dance! Fuze drinks are also good. Slenderize Blueberry Raspberry is my choice.

What are good foods to eat on a calorie controlled diet?


What kind of foods would I eat on a French diet?

Some of the foods on the franch diet are dietry meats, eggs, vegetables, herbs, fruits, rye bread and much more. The french diet has a good list source for the foods you should eat on there diet which all seems to be great foods.

What is the normal diet of a cat?

Cats are carnivores so their diet should consist primarily of meat. Most good commercial cat foods contain these ingredients. Do not give a cat cow's milk. It can give them diarrhea. It can also make them puke.

Are can good food good for pitbulls to eat?

In my opinion, canned foods are not very good for dogs. Crunchy food cleans teeth and is usually less rich with added flavors. Purina Dog Chow or Science Diet are good crunchy foods to give your Pit Bull.

What foods are included in the Atkins diet?

There are many lists online that offer lists of acceptable foods. I googled foods for the Atkins diet, and came up with multiple different sites with good lists. I have included the two best sites that I could find. They both offer detailed lists of foods you can eat. These two, however, are the most informant. They give detailed lists of foods you can eat, and foods to stay away from, such as white bread and milk. Good luck with your diet.

Why is fiber important in a balanced diet?

fibre is good in a diet because it helps to digest foods quicker

How can you neutralize if you suffers acidity?

According to the information I have read lately on Google, The answer is to eat more alkaline forming foods than acid-forming. If you type in' Alkaline forming foods' they will give you a pretty good list of foods that you can add to your diet.

what are some low cholestral diet foods?

Low cholesterol diet foods are good for people who have high cholesterol. Some good low cholesterol diet foods are fruits (apples, bananas, pears), vegetables (peppers, broccoli, onions) and low fat dairy products. A good website to check out is

Horses that are frequntaly excersixed need what?

for heavily exercised horses feeds such as compitition mix and leisure mix are good energy foods, but in some horse give them too much energy which makes them pull and be more "hyper"

What would be a good blood healthy diet?

Eating a good blood healthy diet may include avoiding foods that do not go well with your blood type. Sticking to a healthy diet will help you maintain your health. According to the Blood Type Diet, eating foods specifically garnered to your Blood type will be good for your health.

What is a good heart healthy diet plan?

If you are looking for a heart healthy diet, you would be looking for a diet that contains foods that lower cholesterol. You should try eating whole grain foods, and vegetables.

What do horse give us?

Well, horses can be very good companions for many people. But on a product standpoint they give us glue, some dog foods, the ability to create some vaccines, and their chestnuts are good for some medicinal purpose's.

Where do I need to go to find out more about good chlesterol foods?

I believe according to my sources I am learning more about diet and health. Where do I need to go to find out more about good chlesterol foods. I am learning more about diet and health. Where do I need to go to find out more about good chlesterol foods.

Should zero calorie foods be apart of a diet?

Zero calorie foods are good for someone who is on a diet and are counting calories. It really depends on the diet you are on. While zero calorie foods might be low in calories some are high in carbs. If you are on a low carb diet, such as South Beach, this might effect your diet and do the opposite.

Where are good hypertension diet plans?

Some good ideas for hypertension diet plans are simple foods such as, fruits, vegetables, low fat milk, grain, poultry, and nuts are also good for the diet.

What is a good diet for acid reflux relief?

Foods high in alkaline shoulb be in your diet.Soft foods are good because they dont irrate the esophagus. veggies, wheat,tofu, and fruits are good foods to eat

Where can I find out more about cholesterol lowering diet?

The mayo clinic is a good source for cholesterol lowering foods and diet. They will show you the good and bad types of cholesterol in foods.

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