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What are some good ideas for a date for someone who likes nature?


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A date idea for someone who likes nature would be going on a hike in a local park or trail. If there isn't anything like that, maybe a date to a planetarium could be fun.

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tell them to get over you and date someone else.

The most obvious indication is that they ask you for a second date.

just date someone who likes u.

If he likes someone else then it's doubtful he would date you. If you really care about him more than just a friend then you should let him know.

Try and discover what the person likes. If your likes matches you guys can try out something. May be cooking, dancing

I think he would because he likes that name.

same way you get them if your straight. find someone who likes you and is similar to you.

Don't date him. If he's embarrased to say that he likes you, it's not worth it. -ShanzyC:)

There are not any good ways to make someone date them. However, a guy could tell the girl he likes her and he could plan a date to the movies and out to dinner.

the person you date is someone that you trust and you know he likes you for who you are don't date a guy who likes you for what you got because he will leave you the minuet he finds someone better the person you should date is your best friend who is a guy and who you know wont hurt you if a guy will cheat on another girl for you that means he will cheat on you also try dating someone that you have a lot in common with then you can have interesting conversations with him hope this helps

Find out their likes and dislikes and go with the flow.....never loose your cool!

Talk it out with the friend, and if she says you can go out with him/her you can date them.

yes, Justin would date someone who is not famous because he liked the girl in the song ''one time'' . But he still likes beyonce !!!!:)

ASK HIM! Who cares if you can't date, that's not the point of liking someone!

does it matter? if he's rude, then why would you date someone like that?

when you date someone it means that you have accepted him or her to share their interests, likes, dislikes and get to know each other a little more. i hope that answers your question. on the other hand if u date someone, it means that u are seeing him or her and is starting to get into a relationship with that person.

So, He likes another girl? & You like him and want to date him?- Well if he likes you then get closer as friends, then he'll deff- know that he should date you. BUT- he he likes someone else. Just let him be. Or just grow balls & tell him

You can't make someone like you and if this boy is interested in someone else that is just the way it is. Be friends with both of them. Have fun doing group things together and if something comes out of this it will better and stronger than ever.

He likes you and is just a bit shy to say so P.S if you have a date hope it goes well

sorry your boyfriend did this to you but not everyone does and why he did i don't know maybe he likes the thrill

If you notice he doesn't call you all the time or if you're on a date he says I have to go I'll call you later, then probably he is with or likes someone else and is cheating on you. I'm sorry. Hope this helped

Of course! If you are planning to ask someone out however, be very clear about what you are asking. Make sure they understand that it is a date, and have some ideas about what you would like to do. Everyone likes to go out when things are already planned. No one likes to play the "what do you want to do game". Make sure the date is something fun that will give you an opportunity to see if you have things in common. A date where there is an opportunity to talk, and be yourself is the perfect way to get to know each other, and see if there is a chance for a "second" date. Perhaps next time, you will not have to do the asking!

It is important to do this in case you have to prove it is your idea and if someone steals your pattern or idea you have the date when you created it. That date will determine who came up with the idea and the earliest date is the person who thought of it.

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