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What are some good love spells?

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2008-10-31 01:51:58

They are all equally good. That's because they do nothing. * I

see love spells as all bad, the reason behind this is because the

munipulate ones free will. * As for love spells... here is the

truth. Love spells don't work on someone else. You can not make

someone love you. More importantly you should not try to make some

one love you.

The good news is that love spells DO work on yourself. You start

by getting your own house in order, that means being sure you are

ready for a relationship, knowing the kind of relationship you

want. Then you need to be ready to give and receive love, be open

to meeting new people and willing to do the "leg work". Sitting at

home dreaming about the "perfect mate" will not do you any


Love spells have a funny way of working out, keep your eyes,

your heart and your mind open, remember the gods/universe know what

you really need, more often than not, better than you know


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