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What are some good magic trick books?

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Mark Wilson's Course in Magic

Black book with guy in a suit on the cover, magic written in color.

Has very good basic tricks, self-working, and everything a great magician should know before venturing into extremely hard magic. Some tricks require you to have gimmicks and stuff, 1/2 of which can be acquired cheaply or mde at home.

There are a lot of drawings in it so you'll get each step of a trick or move.

Hopefully this helps. :)

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What are some Christmas present ideas for a 14 year old boy?

Personally, good gifts are things like magic trick kits and books about cars are always good ideas, =)

What are some of the good bits in Harry Potter books?


What are some good romance books that include magic?

The Star - crossed series is quite good.Reckless magic, Hopeless magic, Fearless magic and Endless magic, these are all part of the series in order.

How do you levitate a lemon?

Levitation, using will power or some form of telekinesis is not possible. There are many books on illusions and 'magic' trick that are available which will show you some of the ways that illusionists create such effects.

Why val valentino die?

He will make some mis´take when he want to show some magic trick.

Does anyone know some good AR books that have good morals and no magic brooms?

Some books with good morals are Madeleine L' Engle's Wrinkle in Time series. Other good series would be Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House Books and Anne of Avonlea. has a webpage on 25 Children’s Books to Teach Your Kids Meaningful Values.

What are some titles in the Rainbow Magic books series?

Some titles in the Rainbow Magic books series are varied. Some titles are "The Rainbow Fairies", "The Green Fairies", "The Magical Animal Fairies", and "The Music Fairies".

How can a 11 year old girl do a madgic trick?

Try buying a magic kit. You can also go on websites and memorize some step by step tricks. My cousin usually picks up one trick magic sets at the dollar store, and spelling MAGIC correctly.

When did Harry Houdini get interested in magic?

he was nine years old when he did his first trick. he saw his brother doing some easy magic for fun and decided to try it.

What are some good mythology books?

Some good books are 'Percy Jackson and the Olmypians' series.

What are good tricks to do for trick or treating?

Some of the best tricks happen if you are a gymnast. If you do gymnastics you can do backflips or cartwheels. Some other tricks are with your pets if you bring any. If you bring the equipment then magic tricks work beautifully. When I was growing up, there was a lady in the neighborhood who would always make you do a trick to get a treat.

What is the oldest magic trick in the world?

As an active magician and magic effect collector, I believe the oldest known magic trick is the Cups and Balls routine, which some say dates back to ancient Egypt. The Cups and Balls involves the most fundamental principles in magic, such as misdirection, and is one of the most learned tricks for beginner magicians and enthusiasts alike.

What are some funny magic tricks?

go here to find funny tricks check out the glass on hands trick

What are some magic trick websites?

big suggestion! you must have find it a long time you are gona be crazy!

Does black magic work or not?

Debatable. I think it may on some who believe since the mind can trick the body into anything.

What are some good magic websites?


Where can you find books with real magic spells?

Any library or metaphysical bookstore will carry books of magic. Few if any are the sort of thing you can pick up and learn in an afternoon. Magic is a lifetime pursuit, some of us have been doing it for years.

Do the Freemasons believe magic is good or evil?

Freemasons as a group have no views about magic whatsoever. Some individuals might. Some, I am sure, are convinced that magic does not exist.

How do you do street magic?

Street Magic, is a performance magic, known a illusion (sometimes called slight of hand). There are any number of good books available in your local library that can get you started on the basics. As I understand it once you have acquired some talent at it, there are people willing to teach you the more complex things.

Who wrote the enid blyton books?

Enid Blyton Enid Blyton ofcourse! Although, after she died, some other authors have made up some more books which are "supposed" to be by her. Personally, my opinion is that they don't even sound like her books! If you like magic and bedtime stories then its a good idea to read the books about the faraway tree and the awards.

When you go trick or treating what r good tricks 2 do if they dont have any lollies?

Some very good tricks are backflips and cartwheels. Pet tricks do wonders if they are trained. Magic tricks work well but any tricks that are seen in the circus are usually good to do.

Is there a list of magic stones and their powers?

There are entire books of them. Cunninham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic is a good start. I have personally been collecting my list for over ten years and have gathered information (some of it conflicting) from dozens of sources.

What are some books like the Percy Jackson series?

Well if you like Percy Jackson you will like the Kane Chronicles. They are by the same author and they are really good. Sarcasm + Magic = AWESOME!

Can anyone recommend some good books for me?

The \"A Song of Ice and Fire\" series has good books.

What are some good titles for book banning essays?

Good books in, bad books banned

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