What are some good short signatures to use while texting?

there any many signutures that you can do. mine is....

!x MO x!

the reason it is that is cause Morgan is my name but my friends call me MO.

so u can put alot of symbols around ur name to make it cool. or you could put a sport u like. i love volleyball so i could make mine


or something like that . so surely u can think of something to do. hope i helped !!

My name is Morgan too. But my signature usually explains how i feel or whats going on in my life. Sometimes it will be like what im doing. Like one time i was going camping with one of my friends so my signature was:

-goin camping(:

There are just a bunch of things that you can do with your signature. Like another time me and my ex got into a fight so my signature was:

-never again(:

So yeah. You can use song titles, or quotes, or lyrics from songs! (:

Thanks! I hope this helps!! (:

mines epic.ninja.fish

hope i find one! that u absolutely love!