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Choosing a Safe Piercing Salonmake sure they have a sterilizer. This is a must. Most piercers won't have new needles for this. But they must be sterilized. See how long the piercer has had their license. I wouldn't want a noob poking holes in me. Just go in and check them out. Most will be glad to let you look or watch someone get it done. Good luck.

Just a little bit more... Generally salons in bigger cities will have more experience. Don't have a tattooist do your piercings. Don't let the price scare you, because even if it cost more at a better place, it'll be worth the time put into your piercing.

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Can a hair salon do ear piercing?


Can body piercing be done in a hair salon?

If they're licensed.

Is there a body piercing salon in sharjah?

Well check out the phone book, they will be listed in the yellow pages under body piercing or under tattooing.

Does your cosmetology license allow you to do ear piercings?

No, your cosmetology license only allows you do do salon type things. Example: Hair and nails. Piercing is not included because you don't learn how to pierce people.

Where can I find the nearest hair salon in Glendale, California?

Searching online or looking in a phone book would be very useful to find the nearest hair salon in your area. is a hair salon in your area.

How old to get a belly button piercing without parent permission?

If you're below legal age - you can't ! The piercing salon would be breaking the law if they performed the operation - and could be sued and/or closed down !

The bottom Of your belly Piercing is full of pus and when you go to clean it the pus is a yellowish green color is the piercing infected?

Not at all - because you went to a reputable piercing salon, your belly ring is just secreting anti-microbial compounds to prevent such an infection from happening. Good call.

Can you salon tan with a belly button piercing?

You can but you should take the percing out because if you don't it might leave a little tan mark in a ring shape where your perching is

What are some things you can do at a nail salon?

Well, you can get a manicure or a pedicure, and sometimes nail salons do things like waxing, and massages.

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hottubs,baths,seaweed wrap,nail salon.

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What is the name of the Beauty Salon owned by DJ Spinderella?

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The population of Menetou-Salon is 1,667.

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When can you change your naval piercing jewelry?

You can only really change your naval jewelry once it has completed healing. A safe estimate for a healed naval piercing would be 6 months to a year. However, everyone's body is different and healing time may be less. There are exceptions, however. If you are allergic to the metal or the bar is the wrong size, you can go to a professional piercing salon and have them change out the jewelry for you in a sterile environment.

How do you spell salon in French?


What does Column Salon mean?

a salon

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What requirements if any do you need to be able to offer ear piercing at your homebased nail salon?

It depends on where you live. To get the most accurate information, you need to contact the Health Department in the county where you live, and they will be able to help you.

What is a salon manager?

Someone who manages a salon.

What is definition of salon photography?

salon photography

What can a senior stylist do in a salon?

a job in the salon

What do you do if a new piercing is swollen?

visit your ear piercing salon where you got it pierced and if they can't do anything to help then they will refer you to your GP so visit your doctor and he/she will tell you what to do. Swelling is not uncommon with some piercings, this can be due to the type of piercing and the location of the piercing. Oral piercings around the mouth will swell this is due to the nature of the tissue that was pierced. Eyebrow piercings can swell and even bruise, this is not uncommon again due to the nature of the tissue being pierced. Your aftercare guide should instruct you on how to treat localized swelling for the piercing you have. Ultimately if you are in doubt if the swelling is normal go back and see your piercer.