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What are some good ways to get rid of garlic and smoke breath instead of hiding it with mints?

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Mouthwash and brushing your teeth and tounge.

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What can you do if you used too much garlic in a recipe?

Eat it, then brush your teeth, following with a good mouthwash and breath mints. OR increase the volume of the other ingredients in the recipe to reduce the concentration of garlic.

Can you give your dog breath mints?

Not human mints, but you can give them doggie mints which you can buy in stores.

How are breath mints made?

How breath mints are made, depends on which form the mints are in. Tablets are made on a rotary tablet press, with a mixture of the basics mint oil, sugar, and water.

Do breath mints work better than mouthwash?

No. They don't. Don't use them instead of mouthwash. Its called mouthwash because it washes your mouth. breath mints do not. Plus, mouthwash keeps your mouth feeling fresh and clean. Only a few mints do. Some people just eat mints for fun, or for a quick to keep their mouth fresh, but only lasts for a short time.

What do mints cool down?


Are Clorets breath mints still sold?


How much is 1hour and 23 mints?

23 mints in 1 hour = fresh minty breath

Can you take breath mints on an airplane?

yes as it is not a liquid

What was the dragon hoarding in his cave in Beowulf?

breath mints

What is the longest lasting hard candy?

Forever mints. They are multi-hour breath mints that last a LONG time

Is eating to many mints good for you?

well too many mint are not good for u. but mints do help bad breath. mints are kinda like candy.

Can eating too many breath mints cause sterility?


Can too many breath mints cause gas?

yes it can

How do you get the smell of weed off you?

Lots of cologne and breath mints.

Can taking breath mints cause you to fail a drug test?


Can eating too many breath mints cause infertility?

That's preposterous ... the only thing too many breath mints will cause is tooth decay and with the increase in sugar, diabetes.

A scented lozenge used to sweeten breath?

Breath mints. Tic Tacs, Altoids, Certs, Lifesavers.

Name a good gift to get a werewolf?

Breath mints razor human

Will breath mints help you pass mouth swab drug test?


Why is the reason that people invented mints?

cause your breath smell like crap do da stanky breath do da stanky breath! lolz hahaha

How do you make toothpaste for dogs?

Instead of brushing your dogs teeth, try giving him a rawhide to clean them. They also sells bones that dogs can chew on the are supposed to clean teeth and make their breath smell better. If all you are looking for is the breath smelling better, they sell dog breath mints.

What is the adjective form of breath?

There is no actual adjective for breath or breathe. The word breath is sometimes used as a noun adjunct (e.g. breath analysis, breath mints). There is an adjective breathy which refers to a manner of speaking.

Name good presents for a werewolf?

Human Razor Comb Breath Mints

How long can Michael Phelps hold his breath under water?

60 mints

Can tic tacs breath mints cause a skin rash?

Yes sure