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Try the Mythbusters web site with The Learning Channel. (Works great! Very entertaining at a picnic!)

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How many Mentos do you need in the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment?

About half the pack is a good amount

How do you make a volcano out of Mentos and deit Pepsi?

Put the mentos in the Diet Pepsi and shake it up really good then quickly take the cap of and back up.

What is the use of the Coca Cola and Mentos experiment?

The experiment with Coca Cola and Mentos is a good illustration of chemistry in action. More specifically, Diet Coke is used. It is the carbon dioxide in the Diet Coke and the little dimples found on the Mentos candy pieces that create quite a spectacular reaction.

What can be a title for Diet Coke and mentos idkidkidk?

Wild pops it sounds stupid but its good 4 science fairs

Are there any websites that can help me find diet solution?

Good Housekeeping has compiled a list of websites about dieting. Here is that list to assist you in finding the most appropriate diet for you:

What are good coke science fair projects?

Mentos and Diet Coke. Just search for it.

How many Mentos should you put in the soda?

2 Mentos should be good for an experiment

Where can I find a good carb free diet online?

A good start on a low-carb diet is to go for more fruit and vegetables in your diet. good specific sources from information on cutting carbs can be found at the lowcarbcentral or livestrong websites.

Are there any websites that can help me find get ready diet?

The "Get Ready" diet seeks to increase your metabolism to shed weight faster. A good overview of this diet can be found at

Where can one find a low fiber diet?

You can learn about a low fiber diet on number of different medical websites. Some good websites to refer to are American Cancer Society, MayoClinic, and WebMD.

Are there any good websites for pictures of people?

Flickr has pictures of almost everything and with a very good quality.

Are there any websites that can help me find cancer diet?

Diet is important to good health, however there is no prescribed "cancer diet". It is important to emphasize good nutrition everyday. If you are undergoing cancer treatment, ask your physician to refer you to a nutritionist for diet information.

What are some good foods to eat for my diet plan?

There are multiple websites that can help you find a diet. Some of these websites are:,, and All three sites offer great ideas for diets.

Are special k bars bad for you?

no of course it isn't, its actually really good for you when your on a diet, and u might not feel like it is good when your on a diet but its REALLY REALLY good its one of the best things on a diet to have and everything can be bad for u you shouldn't have to much and then everythings healthy because you should have a bit of everything so no its definetly not

Are there any websites that can help me decide what is the best diet for me?

Yes, there are several web sites out that that can help you choose a good diet plan as well as customized diet plans. One good web site that I found is

Who is Angelito A Mentos?

He is just a good person...

Are there any websites that can help me find get lean diet? This site is a good place to start to learn about the get lean diet and what you have to do to keep it.

What are some weight loss meal plans that still taste good?

There are multiple websites that can help you find a diet that still tastes good. Some of these websites are:,, and All three sites offer great diet ideas for people who still want good tasting food.

Is a raw food diet good for you?

Raw food helps you with everything in your body. If you have cancer or diabetes it is a good thing to go on a raw food diet. It makes you more functional then regular food. So yes, it is good to go on a raw food diet.

Are there any websites that can help me find carb lovers diet? This is a good site to start learning about the carb lovers diet, the background behind it and what it takes to make it work.

Are there any websites that can help me find diabetic soup?

There are diet plans that are designed for diabetics abundant online. A good one can be found at WebMD:

What are some different salad recipes?

There are a number of different websites that have salad recipes for your diet. Some good websites are MomsWhoThink, Best Health, and Simply Recipes.

what are some good diet plan websites?

Nutrisystem has a very good website. So do less well-known locations such as SparkPeople and The Meal Plan Site. It simply depends on what kind of diet you are looking for.

Are there any websites that could help me find dr kushners diet?

Yes, has information about Dr. Kushners diet plan. There is also that has a good ammount of information about his diet. It is smart to research a diet before starting it.

What are some good research websites?

Wikipedia is not a good website, mostly everything on there is not a fact just opinions from random people not knowing.And Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc. are not websites they are search engines.Any website with reliable information and facts are good websites to use.

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