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I have heard that a lot of people use the South Beach diet, and the Atkins diets to lose weight quickly. You can check these out at www.atkins.com and www.southbeach.com.

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Where can I find rapid weight loss diets?

Rapid weight loss diet plan.com has some good advice and menus for people that want to lose weight. Exercise is also required for rapid weight loss to be productive.

What are some reliable fast weight loss diets?

There are a number of reliable fast weight loss diets available. Some of the more common and popular ones include the Atkins, the Parisian and the Low Calorie Ketosis diets.

What are some diets I can go on to lose weight fast?

There are no fast, healthy weight loss diets. They can harm your body and you will have damage. Consult your doctor and they can help make you a good diet plan.

Where can I find some good weight loss diets?

Information about weight loss diets is available in a number of places. The first place you should check is with your doctor. You can also try diet and fitness centers and here: http://www.freedieting.com/

Good Diets for Weight Loss?

If an individual is interested in losing weight, good diets are a necessity. While some crash diets may offer promising results, they can actually cause more harm than good to the body. Good diets consist of making better choices when it comes to food. It is important to eat healthier and maintain portion control. There are several good diets in existence. Some of the most popular and beneficial diets include Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem.

Where do I find good diets to lose weight on?

Some excellent websites with information on good diet and weight loss programs include: eDiets.com, JillianMicheals.com, ZoneDiet.com and WeightWatchers.com.

What are some doctor-recommended diets for fast weight-loss?

Credible doctors do not recommend diets for fast weight loss. They would rather their patients lose it sensibly over time as they did not become overweight rapidly. This will also allow the patient to develop good eating habits to learn how to maintain their weight.

What are some good diets for weight loss?

The diet you chose is dependent on your life style and whether you are looking to simply temporarily lose weight or to keep it off for good. The best choice in diets is one that changes the way you think about eating and your exercise routine. I suggest visiting this site http://www.weightlosstriumph.com/best-weight-loss-programs-and-diet-plans.html for an analysis and breakdown of the most popular diets.

What are some risky weight loss strategies?

Risky weight loss strategies include: Laxatives and diuretics Liquid diets Starvation diets (anorexia) Binging - purging (bulimia) Diet pills Herbal remedies

What are some rapid weight loss diets?

WebMD, which has information about many health-related issues, has considerable information about weight loss diets. Other sites that address this issue are sites for diet programs such as Nutrisystem.

Is there a blood A type diet available?

There are some blood type diets that seem to be on the mark for what the blood type is. In the diets it says what foods are good for you, bad for you and what you should use for a diet or weight loss.

What are some diets for weight loss?

Many diets could be considered scams, but in general most diets revolve around specific principles that do work in helping someone lose weight, in the short term. Unfortunately, these diets also have little long term research reliability. The healthiest and safest weight loss approach is to increase moderate exercise, decrease caloric intake, especially fats and sugars, and increase water intake.

What are the most popular liquid diets to promote weight loss?

There are a few liquid diets one try to promote weight loss. Some of the most popular diets include the 'clear liquid diet', 'full liquid diet' and 'The Raw Food Detox Diet'.

What are some fat loss diets?

Many fat loss diets work, but only in the short term. Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig are two examples, but the best way to lose weight is through diet and exercise.

What are some diets I can follow to lose weight?

Some diets that you can use to lose weight are the Atkins diet and the South Beach diet. It is important to understand that in order to maintain long term weight loss, a lifestyle change must be made.

Where can I read reviews on the best diets for losing weight?

http://moneywatch.bnet.com/spending/article/diet-plan-review-best-ways-to-lose-weight/377880/ has some reviews about diets. Another good resource is http://www.weightlosstriumph.com/best-weight-loss-programs-and-diet-plans.html .

What are some popular weight loss programs?

Some popular weight loss programs include Jenny Craig and the Atkins Diet. You can learn more about these diets online from their official company websites.

How do fast weight loss diets compare in effectiveness to conventional weight loss diets?

Fast weight loss diets can be good for a short period of time, let's say fitting into a dress for the upcoming month, however conventional weight loss is usually the safer way to go. There are some programs such as Medifast that has proven extremely effective and are quicker than most if you have the extra money to purchase the program. The effectiveness of the diet, whether fast or conventional, also depends on the person's body and the person's willingness to exercise as well as eat correctly.

Where can I find out about good weight loss diets which really work?

The Mayo Clinic has some excellent resources to help people develop healthy behaviors, such as healthy weight loss and tobacco cessation. Their website can provide you with links to additional resources.

What are some diets to lose weight?

The sky is the limit when it comes to weight loss plans and diets. Some popular or well-known diets include: The Master Cleanse, The Atkins Diet, The South Beach Diet, Nutrisystem, the Special K Challenge, and the Zone Diet.

What diet program provides best weight loss?

Weight loss is a very individual thing. It depends on your body type and how you like to eat. For some different diets to compare visit http://www.consumersearch.com/weight-loss-programs.

What are some good diets for quick weight loss?

The best way to lose weight quickly is to change your diet, to foods that are healthy, and drink plenty of water. You also need to establish a good workout plan. www.webmd.com/diet

What are some good diet plans for weight loss?

There are a few very popular diets to lose weight. The two main ones are called Atkins Diet, and South Beach Diet. www.southbeach.com and www.atkins.com.

Why Rapid Weight Loss Diets Don't Produce Long Term Results?

Rapid weight loss diets can be good for short term weight loss, but are not sustainable in the long term. If you do try a quick weight loss method, follow up with a healthy long-term eating plan to keep the weight off. Trying to stay on a fast weight loss diet for a long time is unhealthy. This is because such diets usually do not provide enough nutrients to sustain essential physical functions. In some cases, they don't even provide enough calories to live on for the long term. The best way to lose weight is always to eat a well-rounded diet with proper portion sizes.

Is there a vegetarian diet weight loss plan?

Yes there are in fact some diet plans for vegetarians. They are special diets catered to vegetarians and there are some popular diets you can edit to work for a vegetarian.

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