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Wow! This is one of those things known as "loaded questions!"

Nobody can tell you what to write about! If I write a list of topics, they won't be anything you'd be interested in, and your writing will be dull and boring because you used my list instead of your own.

Let's work on getting your brain to work up your own topic list instead.

New question: How Do I Come Up With Topics?

  1. Write What You Know - list all your favorite things; list everything that you know how to do well or that you like doing; list things that you hate; list everybody that you know; list everybody that you would like to meet; etc.

  2. Use Your Assignment - if your teacher has given you a general topic, and you want to narrow it down, do a web search for the general term (use or or any other search engine) and see what other topics come up from that search.

  3. Use the News - read a newspaper (either online or an actual paper) and write about the things you see there - you can use broad topics like "crime" or specific ones like "teenager killed in car crash"

  4. Browse the Web - just go Surfing and see what pops up!

Anything can be a good topic if you are interested enough to write about it!

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some persuasive writing topics could be about bullying, field trips,and school lunch

Some good topics are, recycling, animal cruelty, animal testing, what to do about world hunger, theres lots of things but these are some I did

Their are many topics, but some good topics are generally about history or science. Try writing topics on a Civil war that happened in your country or a paper about a disease.

suggest good seminar topics related mass communication and extention

An intellectual experience that has mattered to you

There are a lot of good speech topics, such as m&m's, hershey kisses, and animals.

You can find good daily poetry topics at the Daily Poetry Club (

try writing about something you like.

Technical writing topics can include computer manuals and instructions for video games. A topic can be a review for one specific video game or using an app on a cell phone.

A good source of writing a research paper on Technology Advancements would be newspapers and magazines that dwell on topics of technology.

Topical order is used in writing. It is when you put the topics in some sort of order. For instance, you may put the topics in order of importance.

Some good poem topics are: Insects Animals (pet) Oceans Favorite animal(s) Things that you think are pretty ext.

Some good speech topics would be child abuse,Adictions, anorexia,the media, Alcohol abuse, etc.

For improving your writing you need to practice different styles of writing, academic writing, recounts, for and against arguments, letters etc. You need to have someone to correct your writing and assess your writing. Depending on your skill level answering writing questions from something like the IELTS exam will give a good variety of topics and styles . Writing is good to help with grammar as long as you have someone who can correct you.

Think about all the things you went through, all the good/bad times youv'e experienced. Then pick som words that apply to the topic that rhyme. There you go!

Part-time work exploits school students. All New Zealand secondary schools should be single sex.

there are alot of good speech topics but these are myfavorites: murders, video piracy, assults & illegal downloaded music!!!!!

Some good topics: political candidates, problems in you area like pollution, or ideas like space travel.

You'll have to do your own assignment -- here's a link to show you how writers get ideas.

you explore possible essay topics during what stage of the writing process

Some good topics for free writing are...Write about some of your favorite things and why you think of them so greatlyWrite about a movie you recently saw and about it, if you liked it or not etc.Write about someone that you know and if you like them or not, what they look like etc.Write a fiction story about 3 of your favorite or least favorite animals (least favorite might make you like that animal better!)All about you! Everything you want people to know about you!Persuasive writing! Making someone think the same way you do about something.All about something you know very well such as an animal. Write down why you like it and all about it telling people what makes that topic so special!These are only a few of the good topics for writing I have used successfully and i hope you like using them as much as I did!

Good speech topics for a 5th grader would be the earth, the environment pollution, and American History.

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