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What are some great Ohio colleges?

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Bowling green state universitythat is if you like penises

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What are some Christian colleges in Ohio Also any Reviews for them?

The Christian colleges in Ohio include Ohio Christian University, Ohio Valley University, Cedarville University, and many others.

How many colleges in the state of Ohio?

there are 458 colleges in ohio

What colleges in Ohio offer marketing programs?

There are a large number of colleges in Ohio that offer marketing programs. Some of the top colleges that offer this program are Ohio State University, University of Cincinnati, Columbus State Community College, and University of Akron.

What colleges in Ohio have event planning courses?

Ohio state

Are there any bible colleges in the state of Ohio?

Yes there are several Bible colleges in Ohio. One is Ohio Christian University. Another is Rosedale Bible College.

What are the names of the division 1 colleges in Ohio?

Ohio Ohio State Miami Ohio Ohio Pacific Cincinatti Cincinnati State

What are some great welding schools?

ITT Tech has a great welding program with multiple locations. Ohio Tech also has a welding program of high regard. Many junior colleges have welding programs and ae a great place to begin at a lower cost.

What are some great colleges?

You need to be more specific. Some colleges are great in some areas and bite in others. A lot of it comes down to what you want to major in and what kind of college life do you want/expect.

Which colleges in Ohio offer degrees in chemical engineering.?

Several Ohio colleges offer degrees in chemical engineering. Best schools with the most recommend programs in Ohio are Case Western Reserve University, Miami University, Ohio State University, The Ohio University.

What are some colleges in the great plains?

Some colleges in the Great Plains are Oklahoma State University, Kansas State University, South Dakota States University, and North Dakota State University.

What are some good colleges in Michigan?

Michigan state is one of the many great colleges in Michigan. You can look up some of the highest ranked schools in Michigan in your local library. Great choice.

What are some medical colleges in California?

UCI has a great medical program.

What colleges are around hamilton Ohio?

Miami University

What colleges in Ohio accept GED?

69 lol

What colleges are good for athletes?

Ohio USC Florida Michigan State Ohio State Duke

What Ohio colleges offer courses for people who want to become pediatric physicians?

The university of Cincinnati has a great course for students looking to specialize in pediatrics!!

What colleges have hockey teams in Ohio?

Bowling Green State UniversityMiami UniversityThe Ohio State University

What are some names of some landmarks in Ohio?

Great Serpent Mound (see link)

How many schools are in Toledo Ohio?

6 universities and colleges?

What great lakes touch Ohio?

The Great Lake Erie boarders Northern Ohio. No other Great Lake boarders Ohio.

Are there schools just for sports management?

As a matter of fact there are Sports Management programs in colleges and universities. You can contact your local colleges and ask for such program. Some states offering such program are Ohio, Florida and Massachusetts.

I am looking for community colleges in Atlanta Georgia Does anyone know of any Only communtiy colleges and if you could tell me what specific city that would be great?

what are some community colleges in atlanta Georgia

What are some names of the colleges in Ohio?

Some of the names of the colleges in Ohio are:Terra Community CollegeSouthern State Community CollegeSinclair Community CollegeRio Grande Community CollegeOwens Community CollegeNorthwest State Community CollegeLorain County Community CollegeLakeland Community CollegeHocking College

What Ohio colleges can someone get accepted to with a low ACT score?


How would you describe Ohio?

Very flat and monotonous if you are driving through it. But there are some good colleges, like Ohio and Kent State, and Cincinatti and Columbus are pretty major cities with lots of tourist attractions.