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The herbivores in the Artic are Lemmings,artic hares,Caribo,Bison,Musk ox

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Q: What are some herbivore animal that lives in the arctic?
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Is a snowshoe hare a herbivore or carnivore or omnivore?

An arctic hare is a herbivore. A herbivore is an animal that eats only plant life, if it were to eat insects as well then it would be classified as an omnivore. Some may say that this arctic hare is know to eat the meat in traps left out by hunters, this is possible but not enough evidence is available to prove this and change their classification to a carnivore. Carnivores are meat eaters mainly but will out of desperation and to remedy a sour digestion problem be known to eat plant life and berries.

Why does not a polar bear eat fruit and vegetables?

Polar bears are primarily carnivores, and though vegetation does grow in the Arctic region where it lives, it's not large nor significant enough to sustain a polar bear enough. Vegetation in the Arctic is sparce and very small and often only enough that a tough herbivore like a caribou, lemming or muskox can sustain itself on, but certainly not a large animal like a polar bear.

What organism is a herbivore?

A herbivore is an animal (or human) that eats only plants. Some examples are a deer or a person who is a vegetarian.

What are some Animal Jam Arctic wolf codes?

a gift card

What dose a herbivore look like?

A herbivore is just an animal that eats only plants... so basically a human that is vegitarian is a herbivore, some dinosoars, and many species of animall. They dont have a specific look

WHAT IS THE Stinking arctic wolf code on Animal Jam arctic fox code on Animal Jam?

At some Wal-marts, in the computer section with giftcards they have the arcticwolf giftcards with give you the arctic wolf character and 15,000 gems to spend.

What are some animal life in Alaska?

some animal life in Alaska are: arctic foxes. snow shoe bunnies. white owls, e.c.t.

What animal should live in a tundra?

Some examples are: reindeer, Arctic hare, Arctic fox, polar bear (near the sea).

What is an arctic animal and what is a fun fact about it?

The Arctic fox is an animal that lives in the Arctic region. Some fun facts about it is that in the winter, its coat (fur) changes color from a brown-reddish to a pure white. It is a scavenger and has been found to follow around polar bears for miles. Which brings me to polar bears. Their fur or coat is actually clear, it is their skin that is white. Also, polar bears are the largest type of bear in the bear family.

Do foxes live in the Arctic?

Yes. As the name suggests, arctic foxes live in the tundra region.

Is Rhinoceros a Herbivore animal?

no it is not. it is an omnivore because it eats meat and also some plants.

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