What are some historical events in Hawaii?


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pearl harbor is of course the main affect

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In 1900 Hawaii becomes American territory. In December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor Attack. In 1959 Hawaii becomes a state. These are some of many more historic events.

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some historical events are Hawaii becoming a state, Alaska becoming a state, the Korean war, world war 1&2, the pig war(in Washington), and Obama being elected as president. I hope this answers your question.

Some significant historical events from 1935 include; January 1 Amelia Earhart departs in a plane from Hawaii, March 21 Persia is renamed Iran, and in the month of August then president Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Securtiy Act.

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All types of events are held at the Aloha Stadium in Hawaii. Some events include University of Hawaii Football, Community Football, Marketplace, as well as special events.

The annexation of Hawaii as a US Territory in the 1800's and US Statehood in the 1950's are two, but there are many others. The attack on Pearl Harbor is of course the most famous historical event in Hawaiian history.

There are many historical events that occurred in 1926. Some of these events include the opening of the NBC radio network, the establishment of Route 66, and the founding of The Pike School in Massachusetts.

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If you are asking about Native American events I suggest you find out about the Trail of Tears.

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* two are * Iolani Palace * and Diamond Head Volcano

The address of the East Hawaii Historical Society is: Po Box 4068, Hilo, HI 96720

There is no real answer to that. Every month has very historical events and history is something that is worldwide. Something of historicial significance in one country, may not be of any importance of all in another country. The most historical events in your country may be in a particular month, but in another country, its most historical events are in another month. So taking that worldwide, there are major historical events in every month of the year, so you cannot say any one month is most important. Even within a single country, there can be disagreements on the importance of some historical events. Some are more important to some people than to other people.

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