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Arguments For Immigration Liberals and libertarians argue that we are a "nation of immigrants," that diversity is good for U.S. society and that illegal immigrants as a group foster the U.S. economy. They believe that allowing such a substantial portion of Americans to live "underground," is harmful to the healthcare, legal/criminal justice and educational systems, as well as to the job market. For example: -Undocumented immigrants might be afraid to seek healthcare, which could mean that they will spread disease to others. -Undocumented children are sometimes unable to attend school, especially college, which could lead to more poverty and crime. -If an illegal alien witnesses a crime, he or she might be afraid to come forward to authorities, for fear of being discovered. Arguments Against immigration Conservatives and populists argue that the United States is seriously overpopulated already and that lawmakers need to crack down on illegal immigration, not promote it. They fear that foreign workers will accept tougher working conditions and lower pay, thus taking away jobs for Americans. They feel that giving existing illegals legal status is wrong because it rewards criminal behavior. Furthermore, they worry that granting amnesty will encourage more foreigners to migrate here illegally with hopes of someday being granted an amnesty as well. Those against amnesty do not believe that the U.S. government should make everyone legal just because it might be more convenient in some ways.

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Q: What are some immigration cons?
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