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There are numerous tips available online for installing laminate flooring. Some of the most popular tips include the following: 1. Purchase ten percent more flooring than required to account for waste and mistakes. 2. The boxes of laminate should be opened and let sit for a couple of days in the room in which the floor is to be installed, in order to acclimatize the laminate flooring. 3. When installing laminate flooring over a concrete surface, vapor shield should be laid down prior to installation. 4. Laminate flooring does not require any special tools to install. However, it is handy to have spacers, bumpers and a pry bar on hand.

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Easy Tips for Saving Money on Beautiful Laminate Flooring?

If you are building a home or remodeling an existing one, the use of laminate flooring is an outstanding choice. It is a durable, long-lasting product that is easy to clean and maintain. As you shop for the materials, there are several ways to save money on your purchase and installation. The choice to use laminate flooring in the first place is a cost-saving selection. While the initial costs are higher than with cheap vinyl flooring or carpeting, laminates will last 2-4 times longer which may make them a better value in the long run. This is especially true if you intend to live in the home for at least 7-10 years. Laminate flooring may also be a better value than hardwood flooring both in terms of initial cost and in terms of maintenance, since refinishing hardwood floors can be costly. When shopping for laminate flooring, it is a good idea to look around. Shop local flooring stores in your area and be sure to check for better pricing online where many great deals are offered. You may find clearance laminate flooring that is every bit as good as the new model that is replacing it. It is also helpful to have a range of colors or styles that you are willing to purchase rather than being locked in to one pattern. You will have more flexibility in saving money on deals that you find. Many homeowners discover that installing the laminate flooring themselves is a wonderful way to save substantially. If you have basic do-it-yourself skills you will likely find that the installation process is well within your skill set. Only basic tools are required - tools you likely already possess such as a miter saw, small mallet, hammer, etc. Some laminate flooring locks together without tools and couldn't be easier to install. If you need help, free tutorials are found online that will walk you through every step of the process. These easy keys to saving money will keep more cash in your pocket and still allow you to enjoy the beauty and durability of laminate flooring.

What are some tips on kitchen repairs?

Replacing wood flooring to tile flooring is fairly easy. You may find hints at lowes.com.

What is the best way to install long strips of laminate flooring?

Pre-installation instructionsA do-it-yourself laminate floor installation requires intermediate-level construction skills. Several factors should be considered before a laminate floor installation. A swift and easy process of installation can take place ifyou carefully prepare for the installation. Here are a few instructions:• Make sure that the subfloor is flat, dry, and smooth.• Always use underlayment under your laminate floor for soundproofing and stability.• Laminate flooring and underlayment/vapor barrier can be installed on any existing floor whether concrete, wood flooring, vinyl tile, linoleum, tile, etc as long as the floor is flat and solid. The foam pad will make up for minor irregularities.• Allow the flooring material to acclimatize to the installation site for as long as possible (min. 2 - 3 days). This allows the flooring to adjust to the room temperature and humidity.• Examine each floor plank for grade, color, finish, quality and defects.• Laminate floor installation should take place at room temperature of at least 65 deg F (15 deg C). A floor surface temperature of 59 deg F and an overall room temperature of 64deg F must be ensured before, during and three days after the installation.• Take extra care when installing laminate flooring over radiant heating. Ensure that you read both the laminate flooring and radiant heat system instructions carefully.• Read the installation instructions provided by your laminate flooring provider / manufacturer.Installation tips1. The beginning wall of the flooring (the wall where you start installing the new floor) should be more visible than your ending wall.2. Remove any previous carpeting or wood flooring glued to a concrete floor. (Wood flooring NOT glued to a concrete floor can remain.)3. A good visual effect can be achieved by mixing planks from 4 - 5 different boxes. The width of the joint between the tiles on each strip may vary. Using these strips and placing thin joints next to thick joints gives a more natural look.4. After measuring the area of the floor to be covered with the laminate, add 10% to allow as wastage.5. If your room is larger than 1,000 square feet, you must use 3/4 inch spacers to create expansion space around the border of the room and any pipes, doorframes, cabinets, or fixed objects etc.6. If your room is smaller, a gap of 1/2 inch can work. These gaps allow for expansion and contraction. The exposed edges can be concealed with trim or molding.7. To install flooring around pipes, drill a hole in the plank that is half or a quarter inch larger than the pipe diameter. Cut the plank across the center of the circle, fit around the pipe on the floor, glue plank pieces back together and clamp (do not glue laminate to subfloor). Cover expansion gaps with molding or pipe rings when the floor is complete. Water pipes require silicone sealant.8. To replace any planks damaged during installation, raise the last installed board approximately 1 1/4 inches until it disengages. Continue until you reach the affected plank, replace and reinstall the planks.Underlayment installation:Underlayment is a material placed under flooring to provide a smooth and even installation surface. It comes in large rolls or as separate pieces that can be taped together. The use of an underlayment speeds installation, reduces walking noise, improves flooring stability and provides superior support.• Remove the shoe molding from around the baseboard and also the doors from the installation area to be covered.• The flooring planks need additional space to fit under doorframes. Place a piece of underlayment and laminate flooring next to the jamb to determine the required height, and cut out the desired area of the frame.• Install the underlayment and make sure the edges don't overlap. To prevent them from shifting, tape the pieces together. Create an expansion gap between the underlayment and walls by using spacers.• If you're placing a laminate floor on top of a concrete slab, apply a polyethylene plastic vapor barrier before installing the underlayment.

Tips To Install Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring can be an attractive addition to any room of your house, but particularly rooms which must handle a lot of foot traffic, since the material is so durable and easy to clean. Although deciding to install laminate flooring can seem like a daunting task, there are just a few simple steps to follow. The most popular style of laminate flooring is a combination of board planks, fastened together with tongue and groove construction. You will always want to start at the left side of the room and work your way rightward. Spacers will need to be set up along each wall of the room, designating the expansion zone. Once you have accomplished that, begin laying down the material. Line up the short ends and lock them into place until you get to the end of the first row. Once you have, and it comes time to cut your last piece, simply measure the distance between the wall and the material and subtract a quarter inch. That is how you can estimate how large the last piece should be. As you experiment with the best ways to install laminate flooring, you will soon discover that cutting the laminate material is a task within itself. Handsaws and power tools with a carbon tipped blade are most commonly used. Always make sure that the decorative side of the laminate is facing you when you are cutting it. Keep in mind that your style of laminate flooring may require the use of a trim track, which helps to hold applicable trim in place securely. It is nailed or glued to an area called the subfloor. Also, don’t forget to keep transition elements in mind as you install your laminate flooring. These are pieces of material which serve as a bridge between your laminate flooring and other rooms in the house, so that the change between carpet, and your newly installed laminate flooring, for example, is not as visually jarring, and ends up being aesthetically pleasing. Although choosing to install laminate flooring can indeed be an arduous task, with a bit of advance planning and lots of patience, it can be a success.

Extending the Life of Your Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring happens to be one of the toughest, most resilient floor coverings currently available. The great part is that it is incredibly easy to care for compared to other flooring such as hardwood.Protecting the LaminateLaminate flooring features a resilient coating that prevents gouges into the material beneath. Dirt and debris that comes into the room on the bottom of shoes is one of the leading ways the coating gets scratched. This can be prevented by having mats at the doors or simply removing shoes on entry.Different types of objects can cause damage to the coating that will require repairs. This is primarily caused by furniture. Furniture will inevitably get bumped or moved throughout the course of the day. The laminate coating can be protected by using protector pads under the supports of the furniture. This will be particularly important for dining chairs that will be slid in and out from the table often.Moving furniture around the room should always be done by carrying. Dragging it across the laminate is a sure way to create deep gouges in the coating. Always be sure to lift safe!Cleaning the LaminateCertain methods of cleaning should not be applied to the laminate coating as they can compromise the integrity of the coating. Cleaning agents specifically designed for laminate flooring are available on the market and should be used for any cleaning duty. Soap, chemical cleaners, and wet mops can all cause damage to the coating or seep into small cracks and cause further damage.Generally one will spray a cleaner onto a dry mop and briskly mop to clean the flooring. Cleaners are often available in generic and name brands, though some warranties can be invalidated by using a generic cleaner on the laminate flooring. This does not mean there is anything necessarily wrong with the generic equivalent, but different chemical compositions can react in different ways.These few tips are designed to help you extend the life of your laminate flooring. Problems with the flooring such as gouges or scratches should be taken care of immediately before they become major problems. By keeping these things in mind you will be enjoying your laminate flooring for years to come.

Is vinyl flooring hard to install?

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Any tips or advice on choosing kitchen flooring?

I find the best resource for doing home project is the internet. You might look at the website www.armstrong.com which features how to install flooring and flooring install tips. Also you tube has how to instructions for installations.

How many 16 x 16 tiles do you need for 225 sq ft?

Hi, Well you will need 127 tiles of size 16x16 plus wastage according to the size of the room or area where you want to place these tiles. Find tips on tile flooring here: http://www.gharexpert.com/articles/Tile-Flooring-1524/Tile-Flooring,-designs--installation-guidelines_0.aspx Find more about tiles or different type of floorings according to location at : http://www.gharexpert.com/articles/Flooring-1496/Appropriate-Flooring-different-Locations_0.aspx

Where can I find instructions on installing granite tile flooring in a kitchen?

There are plenty of DIY forums and boards that can help you with installing granite tile flooring. There are also classes at home depot and lowes that teaches you these tips for a fee and are usually held on the weekend.

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Where can you find the address to submit resume to Swiber Offshore Singapore for the job of safety officer?

Sometimes, browser settings can interfere with the installation of the necessary validation components. View troubleshooting tips and tricks for common installation issues:

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Save Money With DIY Vinyl Flooring?

Do-it-yourself vinyl flooring projects are easy to complete at home. They are also a great way to save money. Hiring a professional could cost several hundred dollars just for the labor; when the cost of the flooring itself and supplies are added, the total bill is high. Vinyl flooring is the preferred type of covering for bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. It is easy to maintain and cheap to buy. When compared with tile, it may last longer in some cases. Several types of tile are expensive, but so fragile they will crack easily. Vinyl flooring is durable and comes in a sheet, so it is much less of a hassle to install. To find the best deal on vinyl flooring, shop online first. Most retail stores and home improvement stores have vinyl flooring, but their prices tend to be higher than online warehouse prices. Warehouses also ship directly to homes. Supplies for installation may have to be purchased at a home improvement store. Check the websites of popular manufacturers of supplies and tools for printable coupons. Also check coupon sites such as Coupon Cabin for in-store discounts. When coupons are used to purchase supplies, the cost is much less. This will require spending time doing research, but saving money is well worth it. The next step is to find a good installation guide online. Many informational sites such as eHow and InfoBarrel provide online DIY guides for vinyl floor installation, including instructions and tips. Removing old flooring may be the most difficult task. Depending on what type of flooring already is laid, professional assistance may be needed or equipment may need to be rented. Removing a tile floor, especially very old flooring, is a difficult task and requires either breaking or chiseling out the tiles. Don't attempt to do this without the help of a professional, as it may be dangerous. It is important to avoid laying flooring over an already-existing tile or vinyl material. Always remove old flooring first. If flooring isn't removed, it will result in further problems and expenses. The key to keeping this project simple and cheap is to do everything right the first time.

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