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The most major submarine factory in the U. S. is in Groton, Connecticut.

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Q: What are some major factories in Connecticut?
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What are some major rivers in Connecticut?

Connecticut river

What are some major landforms in Connecticut?

Rivers, valleys, hills, lakes, forests, and towns are some of the major landforms in colonial Connecticut!

What are the major towns in Connecticut?

There are several major towns in Connecticut. Some of the major towns are Bridgeport, New Haven, Waterbury, and Stamford.

What landforms are in Connecticut?

what are some major landforms of conneticut?

What are two major landforms in Connecticut?

The two major landforms in Connecticut are mountains and rivers. The Appalachian mountains is one major landform and the Connecticut river is another.

What is the major bodies of water that are in Connecticut?

Connecticut River

What is Connecticut's major agriculture?

Connecticut's major agriculture are dairy, poultry, fishing, hay, vegetables.

What major conflicts were associated with Connecticut?

The major conflict of connecticut is that they were very cruel and mean to the citizens

What are some major prouducts of Connecticut?

nursery stock dairy products cattle

What were some major industries of colonial Connecticut?

The main industries of connecticut would probably be mostly fish and other items you would get when hunting or fishing

Are the major sources of smog the gases emitted by factories?

The major sources of smog are the gases emitted by automoblie and trucks.....Not factories :)

What were some major towns in colonial Connecticut?

Hartford, New Haven, and Old Saybrook.

Does Connecticut have any major rivers running through it?

The Connecticut River

What are some famous battles of Connecticut?

The Battle of Connecticut Farms, this was one of the last major battles between the Americans and the British, it happened on June 7th, 1780.

What are the major causes of pollution?

Some of the major causes of pollution are littering, smoke from factories and trucks, things that could be recycled but aren't, etc.

What is the major city of Connecticut?

The largest city in Connecticut is Bridgeport, and the capital is Hartford.

What were major events that happened in Connecticut?

Connecticut made America's first Hamburger.

What was a major advantage of steam-powered factories over water-powered factories?

Steam-powered factories could be built in cities.

What was a major advantage of the steam-powered factories over water-powered factories?

Steam-powered factories could be built in cities.

What are 3 major cities in Connecticut besides Hartford?

The 3 major cities in Connecticut besides Hartford are Norwalk, Stamford and Waterbury.

What are Major sources of air pollution?

Some Major sources of air pollution are old cars because newer cars are better for the environment and old factoriesbecause newer factories are better for the environment.

What are some of Vietnam's factories?

Clothing factories.

What are some waterways in New Hampshire?

The Androscoggin River, Connecticut River, and the Merrimack River are the major waterways.

Major citys in Connecticut?

There are a number of major cities in Connecticut. These include Hartford, New Haven, Stamford, Bridgeport, Greenwich, Norwalk, and Westport.

What are 2 major factories in Alaska?

the most popular factories in Alaska is the choclate factory and the toy factory

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