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What are some major stands of Mike Huckabee?


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November 09, 2007 12:12PM

Mike has some major opinions/stands. He is "the" vote for the conservative Christian - there really is no other candidate that comes close to aligning with conservative Christian values and ideals than Mike Huckabee. There's no excuse for a Christian to vote otherwise. I mean it. If you're a conservative Christian, your brother in Christ is asking for your support, and he deserves the job of leading this Country - hands down. If you're not Christian - I don't expect you to vote for Mike Huckabee - that's understandable.

Ok - off my soap-box. My favorite of Mike's stand - the abolition of the IRS. Sounds strange but it's a feasible and reasonable solution. Taxing people on their productivity is counter-intuitive, counter-productive and causes lots of other extended issues - for instance many American-earned $$ are banked overseas hidden from the IRS, imports have competitive advantages in the US over USA-manufactured goods due to our tax system. Why? Simple answer - US companies (and every employee individually as well) are taxed for their earnings and must use that "expense" into their cost model for their products services - imports don't have that problem. Taxing on sales means 1> American's contribute based on one's spending rather than one's earning, 2> both imports and USA-made goods are taxed on equal footing 3> poor people and rich people are taxed fairly based on their spending habits - closer aligned solution to "flat -taxing" solutions. Everyone wins, the Gov't get's their tax dollars to do their job, and Americans are taxed appropriately. Win Win. Oh, and did I mention that April 15th is no longer needed, as Tax forms would be a thing of the past for US Citizens. Yeah!