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Some people believe incorrectly that this is what PING stands for. Ping is a network troubleshooting tool.

The original author of ping does not agree:
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Can you eat grouper while pregnant?

The American pregnancy association recommends that pregnant women (or women trying to conceive) avoid eating fish highest in mercury. As of January 2011, this list includes: Grouper Marlin Orange roughy Tilefish Swordfish Shark Mackerel (king) They recommend that pregnant women l ( Full Answer )

What is a packet?

In most, but not all networks, rather than transmitting data insmall pieces such a single character at a time, data will be sentin a larger piece referred to as a packet. The size of the packetis a tradeoff between network sharing, speed and error detectionand recovery. Standard Ethernet uses a pack ( Full Answer )

How does a grouper protect itself?

A grouper protects itself with its fins. The fins on the grouperare like needles, if you touch one, it injects a poison and feelslike the sting of a bee.

The telephone system uses packet-switching technology where as the Internet uses circuit-switching technology?

telephone system uses packet switching because packet switching is reiable. In a packet switching when a packet(some part of total information) is lost then the packet can be retransmitted. But in case of circuit switching if any part of data is lost anytime then total data will be retransmitted.. ( Full Answer )

How does a grouper catch its prey?

The coral grouper seeks out giant morays. It actively rouses themby vigorously shaking its body. The move is a call to arms thattells the moray to join the grouper in a hunt. The two fishcooperate to flush out their prey.

What marine animal eats grouper?

Reef grouper are eaten by larger fish, such as sharks, eels, andrays. Giant grouper can grow up to eight feet and are eaten bysharks.

What is packet?

In computer networking, a packet is a segment of data that is sentover a network from one device, including a computer, to anotherdevice. It contains the size, data, type, source. and destinationthat helps it get to the right destination.

Game-fish including perch and grouper?

Bass (common name for fish of the Serranidae family which includes sea bass, groupers and various species of perch, such as the coral perch and sand perch)

Are grouper fish edible?

YES.... Not only edible but one of the highest cost per pound fish there is.

Are grouper and cleaner wrasse parasitic?

No. They are mutualistic. The Cleaner Wrasse eats bacteria from the Grouper, while the Grouper provides the food source. The Grouper arrives at the cleaner wrasse and the wrasse will clean the groupers mouth. They both benefit because the wrasse eats the bacteria as food and the grouper's mouth is ( Full Answer )

Do grouper eat pilchard?

yes. also mullet no shrimp. if u live in Florida best place to catch grouper with pilchard is at the Jensen beach causeway

What kind of fish eats a grouper?

Depends on the size of the grouper, and species. Reef grouper or giant grouper. Reef groupers are eaten by larger fish like sharks, eels, and rays. Giant grouper can grow to 8 feet and they are eaten by sharks.

A parole packet?

Not totally sure what the questioner is referring to -BUT- it sounds like it is a description of the package of documents and regulations given to a parolee at the time of their release, which he is responsible to read, understand and adhere to while he is on release.

What is packet spoofing?

In this technique, an attacker sends packets with an incorrect source address. when this happens the receiver i.e the party who receives the packets containg a false source address would inadvertently send replies back to the forged address and not to the attacker

Are grouper freshwater fish?

there are types of Grouper but there mainly in Saltwater. in fresh you can only find them in a few lakes none of witch in united states

Are files sent over the internet in packets?

Everything in internet is sent as 0s and 1s. Network layer operates with packets but then it passes packets to the Data layer which creates frames, and then frames are passes to the Physical layer which creates 0s and 1s based on received frames.

What does an IP do to packets?

An IP stands for internet protocol. Basically its your house number on the internet. One IP transfers data via the internet to another IP, the name of the data they transfer is packets. There are two types of network, internal ip networks and the internet. There are also 3 types of iq names. Ipv2 Ip ( Full Answer )

Can a grouper eat a person?

Grouper is another common name and there are many different species that are called by that name. Never-the-less they are all fairly large fish. The large Groupers (In Australia they are called Gropers) can get to a couple of metres long and weigh in at over 250 Kilograms. (600lbs approx).They do no ( Full Answer )

What role do packets play in the internet?

All data (digital ones and zeros) is transferred in packets which may have various sizes (numbers of bytes - each byte being eight positions for either a one or a zero) depending on the conditions and hardware and software on either end of the transmission.

Is a digital video file broken into packets to send to the internet?

yes. it is.. every data that is sent over a network is broken down into packets to conserve the bandwidth and control congestion and also to ensure the faster delivery of data at the receiver site. Under ATM Networks, the videos sent over AAL5 (ATM Adaptive Layer 5).

What does grouper taste like?

Grouper is a lean, white-fleshed fish with a mild flavor (similar to Tilapia). It has a firm texture, and is fairly thick. It is good for grilling, baking, and frying. Very versatile and can be expensive, as its popularity is on the rise.

What is packet marking?

If we are sending a file in one go and if some error occurred in between the file transfer then the complete file has to be resend which wastes the bandwidth so to prevent this, the file to send is divided in to smaller unit which we call packet, and then send packets 1 by one so that if a packet is ( Full Answer )

How internet services providers handle packets?

Before being sent on the Internet, messages are divided into packets. When a packet is sent across the Internet, the ISP determines whether the packet is destined for a local service located on the ISP network, or a remote service located on a different network.

What is packet ratio?

the ratio of the number of delivered data packet to the destination. This illustrates the level of delivered data to the destination. ∑ Number of packet receive / ∑ Number of packet send

Is grouper vegetarian?

If you are referring to the fish known as grouper, a true vegetarian would say "No" and would not eat it. Fish is considered flesh or meat by vegetarians and therefore off limits. However, if you are asking what grouper fish eat....well, I can't help you with that answer.

Is grouper kosher?

The signs of a kosher fish are scales and fins. If the fish does not have either of these, then it is not a kosher fish. If it does, it is a kosher fish and one may eat it provided, of course, that it was prepared with kosher ingredients. According to "kashrut.com" (see link in related link section ( Full Answer )

Could a lionfish kill a grouper?

No. Because a grouper has a thick skin to protect the lionfish from poisoning it, and when the grouper chomps the lionfish, the poison is nothing to a grouper.

What is packetization delay?

Hi, Packetization delay is the difference in between end to end one way delay between selected packets in a flow with any lost packets.

How large is a grouper fish?

Swimming off Cozumel, I swam with a grouper larger than myself. According to Wikipedia, below, some species can grow to 100Kg, which is pretty large.

Why is Lapu Lapu called grouper?

Grouper (Epinephelus spp.) locally called inid or lapu-lapu is a high value fish with great potential in aquaculture. They are valued for their excellent texture and flavor. The demand for grouper in the internationalmarket is fast growing particularly in Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. The body col ( Full Answer )

What does the Nassau Grouper eat?

Adult Nassau Groupers generally eat a diet of mainly fish (parrotfish, wrasses, damselfish, squirrelfish, snapper and grunts). Juveniles, on the other hand, eat a diet composed mainly of crustaceans (crab, stomatopod, hermit crab, panulirid lobster, and caridean and panaid shrimp). These juvenile gr ( Full Answer )

What is packet collision?

Packet in Computer Networking is a slice of DATA that needs to be sent through physical medium of communication to other device on the network. Packet has a well defined strucuture based on Protocol used for identifying source and destination devices. Physical medium can be wired or wireless, depen ( Full Answer )

What year did the band Grouper form?

The band Grouper formed in 2005 in Portland, Oregon. They are still active today and were touring Europe and the United Kingdom in 2012. Their last CD was released in 2013.

What are groupers favorite food?

A grouper eats many smaller fish and its favorite food would be fish. Grouper will also eat insects and shrimp along with almost any other small animal that comes into the grouper's path. Grouper are often eaten by larger fish.

What ocean is the Goliath Grouper found in?

The fish known as the Goliath Grouper can typically be found in the Atlantic Ocean. They can be found year round reliably off the coast of Florida and many groups are dedicated to their preservation there.

Is Grouper an expensive food fish?

Grouper is a sweet, delicate fish. It is expensive because it oftenhas to be flown to the destination where it is eaten. For thisreason grouper can be as high as $30.00 per pound. The closer youare to the source, the cheaper the fish will be.

When was Tiger grouper named as a fish?

Tiger grouper was named in 1833 by its biominal name Mycteroperca tigris by Achille Valenciennes. Valenciennes worked with Georges Cuvier Cuvier to write the 22-volume Histoire Naturelle des Poissons (Natural History of Fish) (1828-1848). When Cuvier died in 1832, Valenciennes continued and finis ( Full Answer )

What are the release dates for Square Grouper - 2011?

Square Grouper - 2011 was released on: USA: March 2011 (South by Southwest Film Festival) USA: 30 March 2011 (Wisconsin Film Festival) USA: 15 April 2011 Germany: 4 October 2011 (DVD premiere) Argentina: 12 April 2012 (Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema)

What are data packets?

data packets is a kind of packets of data. a groop of bits that istogether in a groop.