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Began, inaugurated, initiated, initialised.

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Are some horses more intelligent?

Yes some horses are more intelligent. Some horses have more horse sense as they say.

What are 5 words to describe to Marie Curie?

Some words can be: professor, famous, smart, intelligent and Polish(her background).

What are some good words describing Dracula?

Refined, Intelligent, Bloodthirsty

What are some words to describe the joker?

Evil. Chaotic. Awesome. Intelligent.

What are some intelligent words that begin with the letter R?

* remember * responsibility

What are some complimentary words that begin with the letter I?

Intelligent Intellectual Intuitive

What are some words to describe a person that begin with the letter I?

Some words are: Irritating Intelligent Inept Inquisitive Introvert Imp

What are some adjectives to describe dolphins?

some words are:Sleek Graceful Streamlined Intelligent Playful

What are some words with prefix in?

Incomplete, inconceivable, inconvenient, and intelligent are words that have the prefix, in- I hope that answer answers your question.

Why prefer intelligent from skillful?

I guess skillfulness is included in intelligence. If you are intelligent you are more likely to use it for some type of skill.

What are some words that begin with the letter I that can describe someone?

Imaginative, Interesting, Intelligent, Intellectual

What are some words that describe thomas Edison?

smart, intelligent, sophisticated, curious, brilliant

What are some words to describe a family?

Some words to describe a family are loving, caring, hospitable, nice, educated, Intelligent, Stubborn, Uncaring, etc.

What are some words describing Sacajawea?

Risk-taking Knowledgeable Intelligent Principled Nice Persistent

What are some words that describe a girl and begin with an I?

Interesting, intelligent, impeccable, indescribable, important, immaculate

Why are some birds more successful in getting seeds from birds nest than others?

Some birds are more intelligent then others.

What are some words to describe a person beginning with the letter i?

· idiotic · incompetent · industrious · inquisitive · incompetent · intelligent

What are some words to desribe a person that start with the letter i?

intelligent, irresistable, interesting, illuminated, inexplicable, etc . :]

What are some words to describe dorothea dix?

intelligent beautiful sweet caring amazing courage leadership

What are some of the benefits and drawbacks of the technology?

It could become more intelligent than us....

Are Siamese cats more intelligent than a human?

no. maybe some humans lol

What some personality traits of Mary cassatt?

Independent, artistic, intelligent. Those are some of the words Mary Cassatt is referred to

What are some started with d letter words?


Are dogs or cats more intelligent?

some dogs are smarter than some cats and some cats are smarter than some dogs

Words to describe a person that start with a I?

Intelligent, Ignorable, Ignorant, Irresistible, Intellectual, Inspiring, Inevitable these are just some words I came up with on the spot!!!=]