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Its hard to tell you all the names of the forests of the world . if you are finding the forests of a certain area then type the name of the place....

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What are some names of boreal forests?


What are some names of forests of Pakistan?

chhanga manga

Names of rain forests?

Some Names of rainforest's are Daintree ,Amazon ,Atlantic and Congolese.

What are the names of the forests of maharashtra?

forests which are in maharashtra.

What are some plants found in temperate forests?

Some of the names of trees in the temperate forests are the: oak, beech, maple, shrubs, moss, ferns, lichens , etc...

What are names of some Norway forests?

Forests in Norway generally do not have names - a forest is just a bunch of trees, which you can find pretty much everywhere, so we rarely see much point in naming them.

What are the names of forests found in Pakistan?

There are 4 types of forests found in Pakistan. Coniferous forests, dry forests, riverine forests and mangroves.

What are the rainforest names in Madagascar?

what are the names of the forests in madagasacr

What are some names of the National Forests in Arizona?

Arizona contains six National Forests. They are:Apache-Sitgreaves.Coconino.Coronado.Kaibab.Prescott.Tonto.

What are the names of the jungles and forests and deserts?

The names of jugles and forests and deserts are habitats..... i think he is wondering like what the actual names are like Amazon or something (:

What are some forests?

Some forest are rain forests, coniferous forests. and deciduous forests.

Do forests have names?

Some do, in the sense that people have attached labels to them. There's the Black Forest, for example.

What are good reindeer names?


What are Asian forests names?


What are the names of Forests in hot wet region?

They are rain forests also known as jungles.

What are names of trees in tidal forests?


What are forest plants names?

Forests has many plant names such as... high trees

What are the names of the forests in India and where it is located?

names of important forest in India and there locations?

What are some names of forests in London?

London is a large city and there are no forests in it. There are however, areas of London that have the word 'forest' in their name. eg Forest Hill, Forest Gate, Waltham Forest.

Names of Forests Canada?

There are many Forests in Canada but I would suggest looking up different maps of Canadian forests because there are so many!

What is the names of tribes living in equatorial forests?


Names of forests in India?

tropical rain forest ,

Names of forests?

plain,marsh, bog, and rain

How many forests does Canada have and what are their names?

panguet forest

How do forest fires get there names?

from fires in the forests! lol