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What are some natural resources of Louisiana?


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May 31, 2011 3:36AM

huge forests (lumber), fish, fertile soil, lots of rainfall, and long growing seasons.


Louisiana has a large number of resources. The most significant resources include craw fish, offshore and onshore petroleum intake, and other seafood. Almost any state on the coast you can find has a huge stake in the fishing industry, and this applies to Louisiana as much as any other coastal state. As mentioned above, lumber is also a natural resource in the state. Lumber is harvested from the dense forests in the northeast section of the state, as well as from the swamps in the south. Agriculture is another important sector of Louisiana's economy. As it is mentioned above, Louisiana has plenty of fertile soil to plant crops, the better of which include cotton, soybeans, sugarcane and rice. The raising of poultry, cattle, and dairy cows is also a main part of the agricultural industry in the state.