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What are some non-organic plants?


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Plants are living things and all life on earth is organic, therefore there are no non-organic plants. Unless you are talking nuclear power plants or somthing similar.


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The word is variously spelled as one word "nonorganic" or hyphenated "non-organic" which is a specialized informal term because the true opposite of organic is inorganic. Neither is in most spell-checkers.

Some climbing plants wrap, some adhere and some curl on other plants.

Some plants in Florida are palm trees, submersed plants, emersed plants, and floating and floating-leaved plants.

some plants are mahogany trees.

Some plants have thorns that hurt when you are stabbed with them, some plants cause allergic reactions, and some plants are poisonous to eat and/or touch. Plants are very helpful in life but some really are not.

Vitamin E is an organic chemical (meaning a complex compound containing the element carbon), but if you are referring to the "food" sense of those words it may be either organic or nonorganic depending on its source and how it was processed. Note: in chemistry the terminology is organic and inorganic while in "foods" the terminology is organic and nonorganic. The terminologies are completely unrelated.

All plants are edible to some species.

Some harmful effects of plants are that some of them can poison humans. Another effect is that some species of plants move in and kill off other plants.

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because you and i are different and so are plants

Yes. Some plants will grow in water. Some plants will grow in gel. Some plants will grow in a soil-less medium such as vermiculite and peat moss. Some plants just need air.

Not by people. Some plants contain materials that are poisonous. There are plants that can be eaten by some animals, but not by others.

Some people are allergic to the pollen in plants. Some plants contain toxins which are poisons that harm us physically, also some plants contain hallucinogens which can have a delitirious effect on us mentally

If you notice that some soda grow faster than water in plants. Some sugar in soda kill the plants. So there is your answer, some sugar in soda kill plants.

Some plants are a source of food for humans or for the animals that humans eat. Plants contribute to our atmosphere by producing oxygen. Some plants like cattails take toxins out of water. Some house plants remove toxins from inside your home. And some plants are used to make medicines for humans.

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Some bacteria alter nitrogen to be usable by plants

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