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You can get very good books on Music Theory in most bookstores or music stores... perhaps even the library. Music theory is not easy, however it is something you can teach yourself. You need a keyboard or something for note playing, but mostly, it's reading. You also need blank music sheets. You may be able to find a class in a junior college as well, or seek out a music teacher who tutors from a high school or college.... even a music theory student might be willing to teach you.

I also find that as you play instruments or sing, you learn some theory as you go along. Hearing the flavor of a theoretical idea (for example: pentatonic vs major scale, waltz vs. common time) is crucial to understanding and remembering. When you hear the difference, you've already learned it (though may not remember the name for it!).

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Q: What are some of the best ways to teach yourself music theory?
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