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There are several disadvantages to the US entering World War II. The most serious concerns were that there would be many casualties and that the economic cost of the war would be enormous.

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What were effects of the us entering World War 2?

The war was now a WORLD war.

What are some major events in United States history?

war of independencecivil waremancipation of slavesentering world war II

How did America entering World War 2 effect the world?

It helped win the war

What were some challenges the US faced before entering world War two?

a major challenge faced before World War 2 by the U.S was the Great Depression.

Americans ideas on entering World War 2?

No war without cause.

Why is the us entering world war 2 so important?

The U.S. entering world war 2 is so important because it lead to Germany being defeated again.

What are some important events that hppen in world war2?

Some important things of world war 2 were attack on Pearl Harbour, The Atom Bomb on Japan, The D day in Normandy, and Japan entering the war.

What changed Woodrow Wilson's opinion about entering World War 1?

German U-boat attacks killed U.S. citizens

What goal did America have when entering World War 1?

To make the world safe for democracy

What were Germany's goals entering World War 2?

There goals where to become a world power.

What was the slogan for entering World War 1?

its actually "make the world safe for democrasy"

What were the disadvantages of artillery in World War 1?


What are the disadvantages for the allies in World War 2?

Initially, not prepared for total war.

Russian Population during World War 2?

The population of Russia prior to their entering World War II was 109,300,000.

What court case accured during World War I in 1919?

the united states entering the war

When was Bulgaria entering World War 2?

March 1, 1941.

WHAT were japans reasons for entering World War II?

they ate potatotes

Could the US have avoided entering World War 1?


Which countries had imperialistic motives for entering World War 2?


What was one benefit of japan entering world war 1?


What party opposed the US entering world war 1?

the pacifists

What factors led to the US entering world war 1?

they guns

What are some of the advantages or contributions positive affects and disadvantages negative affects of the U.S. entering World War 2?

Positive result was the employing of many citizens to build up the war machinery. The negative result are allways like all wars, the deaths of many people for a reason beneath their comprehention.

What were Germany's disadvantages at world war 1?

It had to fight the war in two separate locations.

What are advantages and disadvantages of pfi?

its to coming 3rd world war