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you can get Diabetes, become obese, have blood clots, stroke, heart attack, and much more.

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Q: What are some of the health problems that can arise from unhealthful eating patterns?
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Can eating paper cause health problems?

Yes eating paper can cause various health problems. Eating paper can cause stomach damage among other internal body problems.

What is the root word for unhealthful?

The root word is, "health".

What are the health problems from people eating toothpicks?

Damage lungs, Chest problems

What health problems can large amountS of crisps EATING cause?

hearing problems

Does eating tissue paper cause health problems?


Health problems from not eating right?

yes u can

What is a personal decision that invoes science?

Does eating meat contribute to health problems?

Can eating too much watermelon cause a health problem?

Eating too much anything can cause health problems. Go for balance.

What are symptoms of unhealthy eating?

someone with a lot of health problems or are fat

What are the health problems with eating too much fat?

it will make you fat.

Can you get health problems by eating sea animals with water pollution?


Should eating disorders be allowed?

No, they shouldn't. Eating disorders can lead to many health problems, even death.

Can eating marijunan cause health problems?

Yes, very much so!

How eating disorders lead to health problems?

By not eating enough food you lose a lot of nutrients that you need to work and move.

What is eating habits?

Eating habits consist of the patterns an individual maintains in regards to when, what, and how much (too much or too little) food is consumed. Eating habits are important to examine because eating habits influence the health of an individual.

What health problems can eating too much salt cause?

Hypertension, water retention.

What are the health risks of eating coins?

The heath risks of eating coins include digestion problems. Eating coins can also pose a choking risk, especially for children.

Are there any health risks associated with webpage design?

Yes. There is irregular sleeping patterns and inappropriate eating habits associated with this activity.

Can eating your lunch fast cause some problems with your health?

yes eating to fast puts u at a higher risk of getting throat cancer

What can an eating disorder lead to?

An eating disorder can lead to many severe health problems. With anorexia you may loose weight but not in a good or healthy way.

What are the health problems if you have to much Kilojoules?

The health problems of those with too much Kilojoules include obesity. This can happen by eating too much sugar and the body begins to store what it doesn't need into fat.

What men gained after eating samba rice?

A bigger waist line and whole lot of health problems

What are health problems caused by eating snow?

you cannot get any health problems from eating snow it is just water frozen while falling through clouds of a lower temperature. now if u have Eaton snow that people have urinated on or in other ways disturbed yes u can get ill from it

What are 3 examples ofm ental health problems?

Some of the problem associated with mental problems are the eating disorders,mood disorders and anxiety disorders.

Health problems to do with eating too much fat?

Over time, you die. Eating too much fat can lead to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.