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What are some of the major benefits of playing sports?


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Sports can teach children teamwork and give them a sense of pride and accomplishment. At the same time, they can teach children to accept losing as part of competition, so that they're not constantly hurt by it. Some kids who don't play sports aren't such "good sports," so to speak. Learning to lose is part of learning to win.

Of course sports are also exercise. Kids need an outlet for their energy. And a child who learns physical fitness when they're young may carry some of that through their entire lives.

Also Football provides a physical outlet too. I am not against soccer, but football allows kids who nurture wounds of anger towards their parents or somebody else to take it out on something or someone. Wheras in soccer you can play with emotion and play with a chip on your shoulder but it doesnt provide the physical outlet of shoving or pushing or putting a big hit on someone like football does.


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