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Eton, Harrow, Rugby, Winchester, Wellington, Cheltenham Ladies College and Roedean are amongst the best known. Note. This list is neither definitive nor exhaustive. Messrs. Sue, Grabbit & Runne need not write to me.

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Some of the oldest boarding schools for girls in the UK include the Red Maids' School which was formed in 1634, the Maynard School which was formed in 1658, and the St. Martin-In-The-Fields School For Girls which was formed in 1699.

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Q: What are some of the oldest boarding schools for girls in the UK?
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Are boarding schools for sports also?

Some boarding schools have nationally ranked sports teams, and many boarding school students are recruited to play sports in college.

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What boarding schools offer scholarships?

some offer them some do not

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There are no statistics at present regarding boardings schools and bullying than in normal schools because many victims of bullying do not report it, but, since boarding schools (some such as Catholic Boarding Schools or well noted boarding schools) have fewer students; stricter rules than normal schools there is far less bullying in boarding schools.

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Some of them do go to the boarding schools, yes, but like, I don't know, like 90-95% go to a "normal" school. One Finnish boarding school is Anna Tapio boarding school.

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There are a number of expensive boy's, girl's and mixed boarding schools in New Zealand. The most expensive boarding schools are Independent or Private Schools. Some state schools do offer boarding, in this case fees would be charged for boarding whilst the tuition is state funded. To give an indication for boys only, girls only and mixed in New Zealand Dollars per annum: King's College in Auckland is an independent day and boarding school which accepts girls in years 12 and 13. Their combined boarding and tuition fees start at $31,628pa for years 9 to 11 and increase to $32,160pa for years 12 and 13. Christ's College, Canterbury in Christchurch is an Independent day and boarding school for boys and combined fees for boarding and tuition in 2009 are $27,417pa. St Cuthbert's College in Auckland is and Independent day and boarding school for girls, their current fees for tuition and boarding are $27,048pa for years 7 to 13. St Andrews College in Christchurh is an Independent day and boarding school for boys and girls. Boarding and tuition fees from year 9 to 13 are $25440. Based on fees King's is probably the most expensive school in the country at the moment for combined tuition and boarding. It may be important to note that most of these schools would also charge fees for acceptance, administration etc, and boarding may also incur extra fees for things such as laundry. Uniforms are also likely to cost upwards of $1000

What were boarding schools in 1940's England like and what did the boysgirls do on weekends for fun?

English boarding schools in the 1940's were considered to be very prestigious and therefore highly coveted. Parents who were able to afford boarding school preferred to send their kids to boarding school. They were known for having a much better education than any other schools. The boys and girls would play outside, listen to music on a communal record player, read, and play games. Most boarding schools allowed kids who were over 11-12 years old to visit town on Saturdays to spend their money, if they had any. Sometimes the boarding schools would offer a film show on the weekends. With the war going on during the 1940's, boys and girls did experience rations and had to do without some of the stuff they were used to at home, pre-war.

Which are some of the good boarding schools in Illinois?

I live in Indiana, so I don't have a real easy answer. I did some research and found that Glenwood School for boys and girls is a rather good school for children.

What do people go to boarding schools for?

Parents sometimes plan for a different setting for their children and wish to send them to boarding schools. Boarding schools help in offering very concentrated curriculum which adequately prepares the students for college and university applications. At the same time boarding schools also produce a rounded individual through participation in various co-curricular activities. There are some cheap boarding schools for parents to look out for. Please refer the link in sources for additionaal information.

Boarding School?

Yeah, tons!!! I go to boarding school, and mine is really cool! A lot of International schools are boarding schools and you meet people from all around the world and it makes you a very well rounded person. Very good!