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Some of the most popular property and casualty insurers in the United States are American International Group Ltd, Hartford Financial Services and UPC Insurance.

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There are many popular property insurance companies in the US. Some examples of the most popular include State Farm, Allstate Insurance, and Travelers.

The most popular fire insurance agencies in 2012 were Amica Insurance as well as USAA Property and Casualty. It is a very good idea to have your home insured in case of a fire.

There are many great collector car insurance companies. The most popular collector car insurance companies are Hagerty Collector Car Insurance, Grundy Insurance, and Chubb Collector Car Insurance.

There are dozens of insurance companies that offer travel insurance. One of the most popular travel insurance companies is Travelex Travel Insurance.

Popular American companies that offer life insurance policies are MetLife, Allstate, and Geico. All three of these companies also offer auto insurance and homeowner's insurance.

There are many different insurance companies in New Jersey. Some of the most popular insurance companies in New Jersey are IFA Auto Insurance and StateFarm.

There are a couple of companies that sell insurance in Alabama. Some of those companies include GEICO insurance, Progressive insurance, and State Farm auto insurance.

Some of the of the most popular and best companies that are selling travel insurance are geobluetravelinsurance, frommers, and quotewright. These are very great companies that have been selling great traveling insurance.

This answer relates to health insurance companies in Florida. Some of the most popular health insurance companies in Florida are: BlueCare HSE, Blue Options, Humana One, Celti Care.

There are numerous insurance companies that provide insurance for motorhomes and recreational vehicles. Progressive and Farmers Insurance are the best.

There are many Canadian car insurance companies that you can receive insurance from. The most popular companies are Belair Direct, RBC Insurance, TD Insurance, ING Direct and State Farm Insurance.

There are many different insurance companies that offer long term health insurance. Popular insurance companies include the USAA website, which caters to older individuals.

Some popular companies for car insurance in Virginia are AIG, First Liberty and Progressive.

There are many companies that offer medical insurance in the UK. Some of the most popular insurance companies include 'Saga', 'Staysure', 'Bupa', 'Simplyhealh' and 'Aviva'.

One of the most popular auto insurance companies is GEICO. Their humorous commercials have caught the attention of many recent years, and they have grown quite popular as a result.

Companies that offer life insurance plans include many popular, well known companies, as well as smaller companies. These companies are: Progressive, Aflac, and Lifequote.

Geico insurance and State Farm are easily the most popular insurances in Virginia.

Some companies that offer personal insurance plans include Prudential, MetLIfe, and AXA-Equitable. The more popular insurance companies, such as GEICO and Nationwide, do as well.

There are dozens of Medicare supplement insurance companies to choose from. AARP, Colonial Penn Life, and Gerber Life Insurance are just a few of the more popular companies.

There are many companies that provide car insurance to residents of Hawaii. Allstate and Farmers are two of the most popular companies that car owners use to get auto insurance from.

State farm is one of the most popular insurance companies, but companies such as Geico and All state are also in the running.

State Farm and Metlife are two popular and well respected auto insurance companies in Arizona.

There are many insurance companies that offer pet insurance in the USA. Among some of the more popular companies include: AKC Pet Healthcare, Pet Insurance, Pets Best and Zapmeta.

There are numerous popular insurance companies in America. Some of the most popular one's include State Farm, AIG, Unum, Allstate, Conseco, Well Point and United Health.

Some of the most well known car insurance are : Allianz, Zurich Insurance and Winterthur. these are the most recognized insurance companies in Switzerland.