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What are some of the signs of being pregnant in the fallopian tube?

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Ectopic pregnancy An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg attaches somewhere other than in the uterus, usually in a fallopian tube (tubal pregnancy). Because an ectopic pregnancy can cause life-threatening complications, the pregnancy must be ended with medicine or surgery. When a fertilized egg attaches to a fallopian tube, it can be dangerous because the pregnancy can break into blood vessels. If a tubal pregnancy is not detected and treated early, the blood vessels may burst. This can be a life-threatening situation and requires emergency surgery. Pelvic inflammatory disease or tubal surgery increases the risk of having an ectopic or tubal pregnancy by creating scar tissue that may block the fallopian tube. Ectopic Pregnancy - Symptoms An early ectopic pregnancy often feels like a normal pregnancy. A woman with an ectopic pregnancy may experience common signs of early pregnancy, such as: A missed menstrual period. Tender breasts. Fatigue. Nausea. Increased urination. As an ectopic pregnancy progresses, however, other symptoms develop, including: Abdominal or pelvic pain, usually 6 to 8 weeks after a missed period.4 Pain may get worse with movement or straining. It may occur sharply on one side at first and then spread throughout the pelvic region. Vaginal bleeding that may be light or heavy. Pain with intercourse or during a pelvic exam. Dizziness, lightheadedness, or fainting (syncope) caused by internal bleeding. Signs of shock. Shoulder pain caused by bleeding into the abdomen under the diaphragm. The bleeding irritates the diaphragm and is experienced as shoulder pain. Source:

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Is bloating and swollen breast and sore nipples an early pregnancy sign?

Yes all of those are signs of being pregnant i read a book on pregnancy and that's some of the signs of being pregnant.

What are some signs of being pregnant without a missed period and without morning sickness?

If you have not missed a period it is unlikely you are pregnant.

I am 17 and I think i might be pregnant What are some signs of pregnancy?

Some signs of being pregnant are morning sickness, odd cravings, and frequent bowl movements. You can take a pregnancy test, but see a doctor to be sure.

Is it possible to be pregnant for 9 months an not no?

Yes some women don't have any signs of being pregnant they still have a period and don't put on any weight :)

How can a woman be pregnant and not know it?

some women just don't show signs of being pregnant. if you were on a contraceptive that took your period away, you wouldn't know if you got pregnant. It isn't as ridiculous as it sounds.

What are some signs of being pregnant after giving birth?

I became pregnant 2 weeks after I gave birth to my son. My symptoms were EXTREME fatigue, tiredness, and a positive pregnancy test.

What are some signs of being pregnant if you are on Depo?

If you are on the Depo shot then when it is time to go back and get your shot they will tell you and you won't be able to get your shot.

You had a period but you have some signs of pregnancy could you be pregnant?

no you got your period so your not pregnant.

You got your period the other day but had signs of being pregnant and you only got it for two days and you normally get it ofr 5 days could you still be pregnant?

yes some woman still have some bleeding while they are pregnant. Yes you could still be pregnant. Do a pregnancy test.

What are the signs of begin pregnant?

The signs of being pregnant are such: morning sickness, which is uneasiness of stomach, prequent vomiting, strange cravings for food (which is the for the baby and not necessarily for the mother), considerable weight gain (at least a lil bulge), and maybe some behind the doors changes/cravings.

What are some unusual signs that you may have but not notice if you are pregnant?

drink dope

What are some signs of being pregnant?

Feeling Nauseous cramps that feel like premenstal cramps a bloated feeling feeling emotional (if you are pregnant you are going through hormonal changes which may effect your emotions)

What if you have a period but think you or feel like your pregnancy and you have some of the signs of being pregnancy?

The first sign that can make a women suspect she's pregnant for the menstruation to stop.If menstruation still occurs, then you can't be pregnant

What are some of the signs of a horse being pregnant?

She gets fat, and wont move often. When touching her, you may feel foals kicking the sides of her stomach as the move

Would there be any websites that could happen to help me find early pregnancy signs?

Being pregnant is a very exciting time. For some people the sooner you find out the better. I found the following link helpful in detecting the early pregnancy signs.

What are some signs if your pregnant and you have the IUD still in?

When iud is still is in it does not allow pregnancy.

Can a partner show signs of being sick if you may be pregnant?

yes yes and yes!! my husband did. he knew i was pregnant before i did. some foods didnt taste good to him any more. he felt sick. it was really cute lol

What are some of the first signs that your cat is pregnant?

dark pink nipples after 21 days

Are there any signs of being pregnant after 4 weeks?

Many women will not feel any different at this stage. Others will already be experiencing a feeling of fatigue, and will especially recognize it if they have been pregnant before. Some will feel mildly nauseous or faint.

If you have perid can you be still pregnant?

Yes. It is possible to have a period even if you are pregnant. Some signs of pregnancy are spotting and lack of/irregular menstrual cycles.

Does every woman who gets pregnant have signs or symptoms?

No, some go without any symptoms.

Could you be pregnant if you're supposed to start your period between the 1-3 of every month but you have noticed some of the early signs like being sick and getting headaches?

You may be pregnant if sexually active. Do a test when your period is late.

How do cats act when they are pregnant?

Each cat may act differently when they are pregnant. Some signs are morning sickness, weight gain, and the nipples will get larger.

Why is it that some people do not know they are pregnant?

A female can still get her periods when pregnant. If there is no obvious signs like vomiting, fast weight gain, or if on the chubbier side.

What are signs that you might be pregnant while having a IUD?

If you have an IUD, and think that you are pregnant some of the signs to look for are, morning sickness (although some women don't ever have this and some may have it all day), tender breasts, abnormal cravings (exp. pickles and ice cream), the urge to pee more. It is the same as not having the IUD and beeing pregnant. If you think that you might be pregnant, you will need to be checked out as soon as possible.