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What are some of the sun protection strategies you can use to protect your skin from the sun?

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October 22, 2016 11:52PM

Slip- Slip on a t-shirt

Slop- Slop on some 30+ UVA AND UVB sunscreen

Slap- Slap on a hat

Seek- Seek some shade

Slide- Slide on some good protective sun glasses.

PS: It is not the actual sun that burns you. It is the UV (ultra violet) rays that burn your skin so always, always! follow these rules to help protects you from getting burnt.

If you do get burnt, rub aloe vera cream on your skin every 20 minutes. It will help but not cure it. It will definitely take the sting out but not prevent it from peeling. It will peel no matter amount of cream you put on your burns.