What are some of the threats that make national security a complex job?

When citizenry in general have allowed their education level grow neglected. Technological advancements are incredible but with those are great responsibilities and many times in the rush to press urgently ahead many forget to bring in the paper many days and weeks. So many people forget what day it is and the desensitation has kept them from entering the rooms of their very children! Are these things escapes? There was a time when we didn't have such entertainment better knowing it as: Family time. What happened? Too many American's listen to Psychology radio and wrecklessly test out their techniques without supervision on their unsuspecting families or coworkers. Too many American's devote most of their time to meddling and encroaching on their family and friends. Have we forgotten to reread our good old Constitution?

People who get themselves conditioned by other peoples thinking need to beware and be aware that we do not need to enter every race when we have neglected things on the homefront. So many identities are getting all mixup. The only one's whom should mis are the DJ's at the local club or the Classical conductor who is anouncing the selections next to come. Confused by every wave of Media, politics, religion, ethics, and really various standards that contradict. People begin to lose their own identity on the issues. What identities are American's claiming now? When we begin to race hard & fast thinking we are getting somewhere we begin losing the quality of what we do have. Do people think that their children will maintain what has been covered already? Are AMERICANS off to the next thing like T. Toad into everything & anything without thinking whom could be trampled.

We allow the little we do know pollute because we simply are no longer home and paying attention to locked doors. Doors are simply Not locked folks. In the race to obtain and detain on the sly we seem to be Stockpiling just for those FAV image props to frame, show & tell. Is this real? No, and neither are the white clothese we now wear clean. We can't get clean because we cannot come clean. American's are too busy calling ahead to clear up all old skeletons. Why return to an ugly past to doctor up a fiction today? All those bribes shall never keep stink out of the flower bed. Flowers simply cannot grow through straight menure as flower roots would BURN! If people do not take the care and the time necessary to prepare & practice proper discernment we shall also NOT know how to discern between local & Federal law. Local law enfourcement need to discern security threats at once and not take federal liberties, as this would threaten public safty.

If Police Officers, Social Workers, teachers, doctors, parmacist, lawyers, clerks, scholars, fire department personnel, local grocers, Vets, judges, businessmen & women, and local EMT need to order by the laws of our nation & do the duties for which they have committed and not bring low the Privacy Act. Who could risk themselves to bring low the Constitution within the confines of their family life and think that those encroachments would not be found our one fine day?

So, how do we lift our flag off the ground when the flagpole is simply missing!? How could our children also contribute and test their fidelity and conduct when their pledge's chance is missing before the start of each day? The challenge has been taken away from the beginning of their day as young Citizen's? If it is not modeled at home then the government is whom a child leans on by that commitment to their elder leadership. Where are the models for children if these are not found at home? If people keep using the excuse: Where do I report? Maybe worse if populations answer: ~I do not want to be a snitch? What side are people really on? Can America afford people living double lives and split commitments? Do we desire to be law bidding Citizen to practice? Do all know that our Citizenship comes with Rights & *Responsibilities? What are we really putting into practice?

One of the major complexities of sorting all of this is to press past all the blaming veil. What is behind a track leading elsewhere unless it was ordered there all of a sudden. How do administrative tracks suddenly change, and WHO changed those tracks to mislead accountability to some strange scapegoat sitting pretty? Are we ALL not responsible for reporting what disturbs our peace? HAVE we spied happenstancially WASTAGE? Why have we not gotten around to reporting it and why do all somewho fall into a complaining track that never accomplishes anything?

Cities NEED to have a list of references which could be printed and cut out to fit in every residents wallet, like a quick reference. Citizen's stand taller when they are GIRDED with understanding and intelligence. Let us gird our nation's people! These need to have hot-line numbers which ACTION and properly route the issues. Bad management is wastage folks, you do not put wht your boss put in your inbasket into anothers inbasket! Government contact numbers & Homeland security contact numbers are essential to possess in every wallet. A list of definitions need to be upgraded in a modern society, word sometimes no longer mean the same thing many times. Some of the most common Fraud and unlawful activities are bringing our country down. We need lists of Integrity organization ideas put up on every cities web page, and if you take something leave something in returen by sharing a link not listed. A suggestion box has always been a place for even the tiniest of citizen's have contributed some of societies most dynamic cost effective helps a society have ever come by.

As American's: 'We the People' need to bring our ideas to the government, and learn to practice our letter writing. We need to BE a part of our nation by example, we are not the only country in the world, but we have some priviledges that many countries simply do not have and we need to appretiate the people who helped us get here come presidents day. All tribes have come to new lands where others have lived and before them were others yet who have come. 'This is our land....from sea to shining sea. . .'.

If adults can't listen to children when they are in serious trouble how then could a system action? If children can discern a security threat how then are adults going to also discern a security threat? Sometimes young person know exactly when their is something wrong which risks people and if they have a command of their own language we adults need to also possess these skills to conduct efficaciously our civic responsibilities.

We keep our nation safe when we inform our leadership, and if these do not respond in a 'timely' fashion these need to be reported IMMEDIATELY to the federal government; as this affects the workings of our administrative structure which affect the integrity of our state & federal government.

American's need to familiarize ourselves with our own front lines on the issues. To Know where we stand on the issues is a personal position we can defend as private or choose to make public. The choice is ours. To be an example to young persons, and nonparticipating populations which need to be stirred out of their lethargy and see that they too count. By mentoring our American professionals build confidence through empowering and giving back the challenge!

Volunteer, V o l u n t e e r. . VOLUNTEER!

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