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What are some of the top digital cameras right now?


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The top digital cameras right now are the Nikon cameras they have different lenses you can add and change and things. also Samsung has some pretty cool and good working cameras.

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Makro has some of the cheapest digital cameras with a selection from Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Sony and Celestron. Several are on promotion with reduced prices and accessories are also available.

Canon cameras are pretty similar to other digital cameras. They are normally producing about 14 megapixel cameras now, and they usually have a flash, and timer feature.

Digital cameras can either store images on the camera itself but a small amout, or some cameras now have slots in them to insert a memory card that can store images.

Digital camres have an infrared beam that measures the distance between the subject and the cameras lens, some newer age digital cameras now have ultra sonic beams which is based on sound.

Film cameras are still widely availbale as are Polaroid cameras.

The most popular digital camera in Germany can be divided into a variety of cameras from point and shoot to professional. Right now, the title is held by the Instar.

Canon produces many different types of cameras, ranging from family photo cameras to professional Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras. While they are all digital now, Canon used to produce many film cameras. offer variety of brand name digital cameras, starting $49.99 plus USA FREE GROUND SHIPPING! Shop Now...

Canon cameras are the highest rated digital video cameras on the market right now. They can be found at any electronics store, like Best Buy, H.H. Gregg, Circuit City and many others.

I would say the best would be to buy a Kodak playsport,Panasonic HDC-TM700 and canon vixia HF M31. so look at these digital camcorder cameras and find the one you wante to buy.

There are many good cameras in the market right now with a ton of different options. Nikon cameras are some of the less expensive cameras available that are great quality. Any camer chosen can have a SD card put into it and depending on the SD card you can determin how much memory space you have.

This is a very stylish and hot camera that is all the rage right now. To see if it is right for you go to

Sony makes - and now Canon Powershot is going to make new pink SD1100 digital camera.

Yes, they have an offering of cameras that are on sale, both premium cameras and lower level cameras. They also have cameras that come with accessory packages.

"Panasonic, Kodak, Canon and Fujifilm are all offering fantastic deals on digital camera right now. Out of all of them, Kodak and Canon have the most consistent user satisfaction rating."

There are several brands of digital cameras on the market right now. a quick search of the internet shows multiple brands available. The best way to choose what is right for you is to just research as many as you can according to the features that you need most for the type photos you will be taking.

right now it is Nintendo 3ds It has two cameras on it.

No, Minolta lenses only work with Minolta Cameras and some Sony cameras. Adapters are now available for this.

now Danielle is writing this :) digital cameras might seem better but are they?? They might be easier to use but they are actually harder because you have to focus them while the digital one is easier because they are easier to print and taking. This is why they are better than digital cameras. I think the above answer confuses film camera with digital camera! The opinion expressed above seems to favour film camera rather than a digital one. Possibly so, but before submission the author of that statement above should have revised what he wrote!

yes when the first came out but now compare to today they are low resolution

The first digital video camera had a cost of $490.00. Now a day, video cameras are not too expensive, as they are not really used.

I encourage you to check out The Best MILCs Right Now so you can see the full range of advanced compact cameras that you can choose from. Find the Right Pocket Camera. Follow these seven simple rules to find the perfect point-and-shoot digital camera. How to Buy a Compact Digital Camera .

Most recent cameras are compatible with the Mac. Apple has an old list (dating from 2002) but it has not been updated lately probably because most cameras now work. (See links below)

One can buy Coolpix cameras at Walmart, Best Buy, Dell, Staples, Sears and Target. Prices range from 250$ to 500$. Nikon now offers Coolpix compact underwater digital cameras.

American electronics has the best replacements you will find. I bought a Canon digital camera there a year ago and I absolutely cannot leave home without it now.

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