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What are some old German recipes?

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What are some good recipes from Germany?

German chocolate cake

Where can I find good sausage recipes?

Some good sausage recipes may be found on Food Network, Red Online and best Recipes. They have recipes for German, Italian, Mexican, Polish and just about any other type of sausage.

What are some recipes with old and new world ingredients?


Where can I find easy, fun kids cooking recipes? and are excellent sources of recipes for you and your daughter. You can also teach her some old traditional family recipes that she can pass on to her children.

What are some India recipes?

what are some India recipes

What are traditional German desserts?

Some Traditional German desserts are BLECHKUCHEN which is SHEET CAKE and KASEKUCHEN which is CHEESECAKE. Both these recipes can be found at:

What chocolate is used to make German chocolate cake?

I have seen some recipes using sweet baking chocolate and some that use cocoa powder.

What are common vegetarian foods in Germany?

There are some German vegetarian foods. Click on the link below, under 'Related links', for recipes.

Where can one find a first handy shop?

The First-Handy shop appears to be a website with many recipes. The recipes are written in German. The recipes (after translation) include chicken, crockpot, vegan and easy healthy recipes.

What are some vegetarian recipes i can make?

You can visit for some vegetarian recipes. You can also visit for additional recipes.

What are some stuffing recipes ideal for Thanksgiving?

Some stuffing recipes ideal for Thanksgiving include Sausage, Fig and Cranberry, Cornbread and Oyster, Herbed, Old-Fashioned Gravy stuffing and many more.

Who created Atdeutsche Brotchen?

Altdeutsche Brotchen, "Old German Muffins," are a type of quickbread. The name may be applied to a variety of recipes, some of which are quite old. Like other types of baked goods, recipes probably were passed down through many generations, with countless variations made through the years. So it would be impossible to determine who created the first bread of this type.

Recipes from 1940 in french?

what are some french recipes?

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What are some recipes for an electric convection oven?

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What are some names of German schools and facts about them?

a old prose schools

Where can I find some free baked salmon recipes on the internet?

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