What are some other ways you can get total revenge on your brother?

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It depends on how old he is. My little brother is 7 years old. One morning my Mom got me to bring the clean landury upstairs. At the time my brother was brushing his teeth. I was carrying so much landury that the pile was covering my face completely! I jumped out at him and yelled, BOO! His eyes were huge with fear as he screamed! He's been trying to scare me back ever since!
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What is the best way to get revenge on someone who you loved?

Answer: I would have to say that showing the other person that you are still happy, no matter what they do to you proves that you are a better person, and mostly makes them upset that they can't bother you. Answer You don't get revenege .... let life gives out it's revenge to such people. I know ( Full Answer )

Is there a way to get revenge on a Narcissist?

I don't know if this qualifies as revenge, but after I was completely duped and used, I was angry for months and months. Of course, I had tried to think of anything to get back 'at hear' for how she treated me. However, since I'm not 'like her' and my mind doesn't work that way, I surrendered. But, ( Full Answer )

What is the best way to get revenge on an abusive narcissist?

Answer Narcissists are all about control. Show them that they no longer have control over you. Don't call them. Don't email them. Cease all contact. Don't answer their calls or emails. Avoid them if you see them in person and show no reaction. The lack of reaction to them will be absolutely maddeni ( Full Answer )

What is tha best way to get revenge on someone?

forget about it.... i'd say to ignore the person and move on with more important stuff u have in ur life.... Answer It is most difficult to get revenge since so many actions that appeal to us tend to affect us more than them. So, the best way is often the most simple. YOU walk away from the situ ( Full Answer )

What kind of revenge on other man in affair?

Answer . Revenge is a waste of energy and serves no purpose. You have every right to be angry and in a way it's like grieving for someone that has died (in a way it's true; the relationship you have grown to know has died.) No one likes to be replaced by another so there are several emotions shun ( Full Answer )

How do you get good revenge on your mean brother that will not get you in trouble?

Revenge is never a good choice. Forgive him, it doesn't matter if he is not sorry for it. Forgiveness is not something we do for other but for ourselves, to be in peace with others. Remember not to care of what he says or does, he can only hurt you as long as you let him. I know it can be tough some ( Full Answer )

How do you get revenge on your big brother?

Tell your brother that you see where he is coming from, and that you forgive him for whatever he did to you. It'll drive him crazy. Or steal his play station controllers! blackmail him or set him up?

How do you get revenge on you little brother?

You kill him with kindess. When you are kind to people who have wronged you, you upset their sensibility. Most believe that those who have been wronged will seek retribution and anticipate it. Be sure to let your little brother know that you have made a decision to forego revenge. That should help h ( Full Answer )

How do you get revenge on my brother?

Well, I don't know your brother, so I don't know how to really get revenge... But It really just depends what he's into. Usually if he is from the age of 0-5 take something away from him. If he is 6-9 then find out what he likes and hide it, or yell at him for no reason. ( I'm 12 and that pisses me ( Full Answer )

What is a good way to get revenge against your ex?

Well... I personally wouldn't. It isn't worth it, they'll get what they deserve eventually. But... i suppose it depends on the person. ANSWER: The only way you can do is ignore him, that's the reason why he became ex, don't you agree?

How do you get revenge on your little brother?

It all depends on what your little brother did. Let's say he messed with your computer, put some ice in your shirt, or is just plain annoying. Don't do anything too harsh. Smack him when he's not looking, set his alarm clock 2 hrs earlier than usual, pour water on him when sleeping, or even pit some ( Full Answer )

How can you get revenge on your brother?

Is it an older brother? Well if it is I can help! I have a older brother 14 years and im 11 years old. Hes really annoying so you have to think of something suitable that you wont lose money for or get in trouble for. What I'd do is keep saying something to him like your growing up and eventually he ( Full Answer )

Ways of revenge?

be happy in front of your ex. get full dressed up in fornt of them. date with their friend to make them jealous is very godd way of revenge.

What is the best way to get revenge on older siblings?

Sucess is a good way to take revenge but it takes 10 to 20 years to realize, is only indirect (as you did nothing against the other person) and you never get the satisfation of getting even. Now please answer these: If you are boiling with RAGE and seeking REVENGE? Will the person be excite ( Full Answer )

Ways to get revenge?

'Vengeance in mine saith the Lord' or, if you are not of any faith .... vengeance is a waste of energy. Sometimes saying nothing and just looking at a person in the eyes (steely-eyed) is more unnerving than saying a word. When you seek vengeance you win nothing and lower yourself to their level.

What are some ways to meet the Jonas Brothers?

A few ways to meet the Jonas brothers is to AlWAYS go to their concerts when you can. Get toatally close seats and shake their hands. They could take you backstage and get you some autographs. If there is an autograph signing, go to it! You can take pictures and meet them personally!

What are ways to get revenge?

You shouldn't waste your time and energy on revenge. It accomplishes nothing and you will only end up hurting yourself. You should move on and do something positive with your time.

What can you do to get revenge on your annoying brothers?

i don't advice u to do something bad for ur brother, because i made something for my brother that really annoyed him and from that time he doesn't talk to me and if i ask him a question he answers rudely. Does it matter my brother answers rudely anyway! so does my big brother im 11 and he i ( Full Answer )

Any good ways to get revenge on sister?

Fill a small water gun with water, then put on a bathrobe. Tuck the water gun somewhere where she won't notice it. When she is not looking then start rapidly squirting her

How do you get revenge on your brother if he fights with you and always wins?

First of all, don't look to get revenge - - especially on your brother. Someone is likely to get seriously hurt, and the situation will probably just escalate as he tries to get even with you. The question here is what kind of fights are these? Are they brutal beatings, playful teasing, sport sparri ( Full Answer )

Good ways to get revenge on your dentist?

"Accidentally" bite them! I did it all the time when i was younger! you can also cough, sneeze, or try to talk every time the dentist attempts to put something in your mouth! Hope this answers your questions! :)

How do you get revenge on your 7yr old brother?

You shouldn't. If he did something TERRIBLE to you... then just warn him... a simple warning (not a threat) just a warning you will do something he is afraid of. Maybe sneak in his room at night wearing a scarish costume, scare him to death, run to ur room, and keep doing that again and again each n ( Full Answer )

How do you get revenge on you re brother if he did something really bad?

I have that same problem and I will tell u what works best..so don't blackmail him cause I have so much stuff that is terrible that he would most likely get killed for but the best thing to do is not care. Forget about him and what he's done, and just completely erase him as your brother till he com ( Full Answer )

Who wins in total drama revenge of the island?

It has been confirmed the thirteen characters are Lightning Cameron Staci Mike Jo Scott Dakota Zoey B Anne Maria Dawn Sam Brick and the winner is................ cameron Actually, it depends where your watching the television show. The original ending ( Full Answer )

Will duncan be on total drama revenge of he island?

christan potenza and the producers so far confirmed duncan will make a cameo in one of the 13 episodes.so far, they confirmed that duncan,lindsay,harold and some of the orginal characters will cameo.eva,justin,noah,katie,cody,sadie,leshawna,alejandro,sierra,and blaineley will not cameo.unless you ar ( Full Answer )

Who are the characters in total drama revenge of the island?

Total Drama Revenge of the Island is the fourth season of the Total Drama franchise. The series' extension was commissioned by Teletoon from the producers,Fresh T.V. Inc. This season will take place back at Camp Wawanakwa (the original setting of the first season ) but this time with an entire ( Full Answer )

When total drama revenge of the island?

Canada will air January 5th 2012 French is airing from December 21st to December 28th two episodes a day one the last day US is unknown but the estimated time is Late January Early February

What are some other ways to spell Taylor?

Talor, Tayler, Thaylor (silent 'H'), Taylar, Tayllor, Taighlor. There are quite a few. If you're looking for more, I suggest going to a baby names website

How do you get revenge on your younger brother who eritates you?

1. Dump water on his bed so your mom will think he wet the bed. 2. In public stare at a random girl and say in a loud voice "isn't that the girl you like?" 3. If he is little melt all of his crayons in the sun. 4. Call him "little s*** "or "spoiled brat". 5. Snap his ds in half. ( Full Answer )

Who won total drama revenge of island?

Total Drama Revenge of the Island Order of Elimination 15th Staci (Toxic Rats) 14th Dakota (Toxic Rats) Dakota Returns 13th B (Toxic Rats) Brick swaps teams from Mutant Maggots to Toxic Rats 12th Dakota (None RI) Dakota Returns 11th Dawn (Toxic Rats) 10th Sam (Toxic Rats) Scott switches from the T ( Full Answer )

How do you get revenge on your brother and his friend?

The way i would do it would video them doing something. then go and edit to make it look like they did something bad to you then show your parents. Or video tape them doing something. edit to make it look like something embarrassing then put it on-line like youtube or facebook.

Who is Cameron on total drama revenge of the island?

cameron is a very smart teen he is not strong but he wins in canada but in the USA lightning wins so camerons a smart weak 16 year old bubble boy. oh if you dont know that means it means hes used to being in his home a lot