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Alcatel offers a range of mobiles phones, some of them are, Alcatel OT-665, Alcatel OT-818D, Alcatel OT-296, Alcatel OT-282, Alcatel OT-208 and Alcatel OT-296.

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Q: What are some phone that Alcatel offers?
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What kind of mobile phone services does Alcatel offer?

The kind of mobile phone services that Alcatel offers is the same as virtually every mobile phone service. It offer unlimited minutes as well as unlimited texting.

When did alcatel phone come out?

when did the alcatel phones come out

Is the Alcatel OT-800 a good phone?

is the alcatel ot-800 a good phone

How do you transfer music from a PC to an Alcatel One Touch Tribe cell phone?


Is alcatel ot 818d Android?

No. The Alcatel OT-818D is feature phone, and is incompatible with the android OS.

Is Alcatel 3040 One Touch An Android?

No. The Alcatel 3040 is a basic phone, which does not run the Android OS.

How do you download music onto your alcatel phone?

fggh ]

If a consumer was trying to purchase a cheap 02 phone what type of phone would they be looking for?

The cheapest phone that the O2 company offers is the Alcatel OT-232. Alternatively the Nokia 100 is only ‚£11.69 and is available in black and pink colours.

Where can you buy alcatel phones?

well my friend has an alcatel phone and she ordered it i think of the internet type it in on google and it will come up :) I hope this helps (:

Where can one go to learn more information about Alcatel phones?

One great place where one can go to learn about Alcatel phone is the Alcatel website, where the company provides information on their products. Basic information on Alcatel and its products can be found on sources such as Wikipedia. Reviews of Alcatel phones can be found on CNET, Amazon and Consumer Reports.

What is a PUK code for an alcatel?

The PUC - can only be supplied by the service provider for your phone.

What has the author Alcatel written?

Alcatel. has written: 'Alcatel telecommunications review'

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