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Mini Coopers can be found for sale at sites like MiniMania, CarGurus, and eBay. Used Mini Coopers can also be found at Piston Heads and Mini City Ltd.

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Q: What are some places that can offer a classic Mini Cooper car for sale?
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From where did the Classic Mini Cooper originate?

The Classic Mini Cooper was first introduced in Great Britain in 1961.

Mini cooper originated from which country?

The classic Mini Cooper comes from England, whereas the recent BMW model comes from, you guessed it, Germany.

Is a mini cooper bigger than a vw beetle?

NO the classic mini was smaller than the classic beetle the new mini is also smaller than the new beetle

Is mini cooper German?

yes it is 100% German The new Mini is German the only british part of it is that john cooper who improved the classic British version, son helped design it. The classic mini 1959-2000 is fully British

Where can one purchase Classic Mini Cooper car parts in the New York area?

One can go to a local dealer in the New York area to purchase Classic Mini Cooper car parts. One can also purchase the car parts online at the official Mini Cooper website.

What is a 1967 Mini Classic Mini Cooper worth in the year 2010?

They can range from $2,400 to $29,000. Depending on condition.

Where would one find Mini Cooper parts?

There are many places where one can find Mini Cooper parts. One can find Mini Cooper parts at popular on the web sources such as eBay and Auto Trader.

Where can one purchase a new Mini Cooper?

There are many places where one can purchase a new Mini Cooper vehicle. One can purchase a new Mini Cooper at popular on the web sources such as Auto Trader and eBay Motors.

What type of oil gives the Mini Cooper better performance - regular or synthetic?

MINI specs synthetic oil for all models assuming you are talking about the moder MINI and not the older Classic Mini. Using a normal dino oil will void the warranty and not offer the same level of protection a synthetic oil provides.

Where a mini cooper parts sold?

You can try to find Mini Cooper parts at all local automotive stores in your area. You can also try talking to your Mini Cooper dealer about the best places and the best find of parts you can buy to properly take car of your car.

Which car is the most popular in Europe?

It has to be the classic mini It has to be the classic mini It has to be the classic mini I agree the Mini.

What is the average length of a mini Cooper?

The average length of a Mini Cooper is 151 inches. The Mini Cooper S is slightly longer than the standard Mini Cooper.