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Roti is one of the popular foods served in Trinidad and Tobago. Other popular foods include doubles, curried crab with dumplings, and gyros.

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African food in trinidad and tobago?

hat are some African foods in trinidad aand tobago

What are some spanish foods in Trinidad and tobago?


What are some foods the french brought to Trinidad and tobago?

they brought things like croissants and pastries to Trinidad and Tobago

Which Caribbean island is know for the best Caribbean foods?

Trinidad and tobago

What are the release dates for Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern - 2006 Trinidad and Tobago 1-7?

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern - 2006 Trinidad and Tobago 1-7 was released on: USA: 9 July 2007

What are some popular foods in Trinidad?

kc from qrc was here !

Spanish foods in Trinidad and tobago?

pastell, arapas,gazpacho......that all i got and am in form 1 and my name is kevin smith and i go presentation collage :D

Spanish foods In Trinidad?

Trinidad is one of two islands that make up the nation Trinidad. Many people in Trinidad enjoy Spanish foods such as quesadillas, burritos, tacos, arepas and pastelles.

What are Belize most popular foods?

Some of the most popular foods in Belize are caldo, relleno, and tamales. Caldo are tortillas cooked on comal, and relleno is typically a dish served with jalapenos.

What are the staple foods in Trinidad?


What Spanish foods are there in Trinidad?


What food do people eat in tobago?

People eat the same foods as in Trinidad. Curry goat, chicken, crab and a wide variety of vegetables and seafood. Roti, oxtails, peas and rice, dumplins etc

Foods British brought to Trinidad?

foods that the british brought to trinidad are: crumpets, fish and chips, chicken and chips, salmon, burgers and sandwiches

What are some french foods in trinidad?


What foods did the british brought to Trinidad?

fish and chips

What are the most popular foods served at Super Bowl parties?

Every Super Bowl party is different. However, the most popular items that tend to be served are:Chicken wingsBeerPizzaSubsNachosChips and DipChili

What foods are popular among Christians?

Foods that are popular among Christians are every kind of food. For example, Chinese Christians would like most of the food served in China. Russian Christians would like most of the food served in Russia. Only on certain religious holidays are certain dietary laws are followed.

What type of foods are popular in Netherlands?

I believe the official national dish is moules frites. Which is steamed mussels in a broth served with fries.

What foods are fried in Trinidad?

Frog, chicken goat, etc.

What are some french foods brought to Trinidad?

french fries

Is food recreational?

Some foods can be considered recreational. Examples would be snack foods, appetizers, foods served at a party, foods served at a picnic, grilling, or otherwise eating outdoors.

What are some party foods that start with G?

Goat cheese often used in appetizers. Gelatin is also popular and served in shaped molds.

What are 10 spanish foods in Trinidad?

5 spanish foods in spanish are ,sloka , dilh, hera, ole and platas

What kinds of foods were served in school cafeterias in 1950s?

Foods served in school cafeterias in the 1950s were low cost. This may include instant foods such as potatoes or pasta. Spoiled foods may have also been served because it would cost too much to buy more.

Why is turkey so popular in the US?

because the pilgrams settle in the usa and celebrated thanksgiving and one of the foods served was turky and so it became a tradition

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