What are some popular horse breeds?

The Thoroughbred

American Mustangs, Florida Crackers, Quarter Horses, Paints, Thoroughbreds the list goes on and on. I don't have a favorite breed since I love ALL horses SO much.

There are over 100 breeds of horses. I dont think we can possibly put ALL of the breeds but here is a short list of some common and some uncommon breeds.
  1. Arabians
  2. Thoroughbred
  3. Connemara
  4. Bashkir Curlys
  5. Newfoundland ponies
  6. American Mustangs
  7. Andalusian

The most common breeds of horses in the USA are the Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Quarter horses, PasoFino, Shetland pony, Welsh pony, Peruvian Paso's, Friesian, Gypsy Vanner, Belgians, Percherons and so many more.