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Relaxation, physical recreation, venting, adjusting expectations, and seeking support are just a few of the many things people can use as coping mechanisms.

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Q: What are some popular tools that people use to practice coping mechanisms?
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What type of defense mechanism do gay people?

Gay people are not lizards. They do not have defense mechanisms, other than what other human beings have, such as fear, coping, tolerating, letting go, etc.

How do i get rid of depression without medication?

Therapy is one option to treat depression without medication. A therapist can help people learn better coping mechanisms which can often help with depression.

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Successful coping skills can be?

Successful coping skills are different for everyone. An example of a successful coping skill would be deep breathing. This works for a lot of people.

Why do people use defence mechanisms?

people tend to use defence mechanisms to protect themselves from anxiety

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How people were coping with the great depression?

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What is the difference between direct coping and defensive coping?

Direct coping describes any action people take to change an uncomfortable situation, wheres defensive coping denotes the various ways people convince themselves - through a form of self-deception - that they are not really threatened or do not really want something they cannot get.

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