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people want to play guitar and be in a band its just practice.

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Q: What makes Guitar Hero so popular?
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Why hasn't dragon-force been so popular?

it will be popular is they make a guitar hero dragon force

Is a Guitar Hero 3 guitar compatible with Guitar Hero 5 on xbox?

i believe so

What does precision mode do on Guitar Hero 3?

It makes it so that you have to play the notes exactly as you play them. It makes it harder to play.

Does a Guitar Hero 5 guitar work with Guitar Hero 3 on xbox360?

I guess so. lol

Does playing guitar make someone worse at Guitar Hero?

As I am speaking from experience, I believe this is true! I was once challenged to a Guitar Battle on Guitar Hero by a friend who was a pianist. I am naturally a guitarist so you would expect me to have some kind of advantage. However, because Guitar Hero requires you to not look at the guitar while you play, you have to "guess" where the buttons are and hit them quickly. Therefore, playing guitar makes you worse at Guitar Hero.

How old is Guitar Hero?

The first guitar hero came out fall of 2005, so the guitar hero series is 4 years old.

Do Guitar Hero 2 guitar work on Guitar Hero 1 and 3?

Guitar Hero 2 guitars are the same as the Guitar Hero 1 guitars, so they work with guitar hero 1 and 2. If they are for the same system as Guitar Hero 3, then they will work. But that would only be with the PS2 and Xbox.

Can you use a ps3 Guitar Hero guitar on any Guitar Hero game?

No.i dont think so

Where can one buy Guitar Hero for Xbox?

There are a variety of retail locations that one could find and buy Guitar Hero for Xbox. Guitar Hero is a popular video game, and so it is widely offered in many stores. Many places, such as Best Buy and Walmart, would have Guitar Hero for sale. It can be bought at places such as those locations.

Will Guitar Hero DrumsGuitarsMics be able to be used in Band hero?

yes. guitar hero instruments can be played in rock revolution, rock band, band hero and guitar hero so far.

Can Guitar Hero III for Wii connect to a Guitar Hero game for the DS?

no. not so far

Will Guitar Hero 5 guitars work on Guitar Hero world tour?

i believe so

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