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No heat = no motion. If there is no heat in your car there is no molecular motion (no molecular bond) and the world as you know it will literally fall apart. Won't even be elements left, just random neutrons being pounded by protons and electrons colliding at an alarming rate. Assuming you mean that your A/C works fine and the only problem is the air being blown out is not warm as it should be on heat, could be a couple of things. Valve not sending coolant to heater core. To check this just warm the car up, turn on the heater, and pop the hood. Find where the heater core hoses connect at the firewall. Feel each side (in and out), they should both be very warm. If not very warm, your heater core is not getting any heated water to share with you in the cabin. Follow the hoses from the firewall to wherever they go. If there is a device connected inline, feel both sides of it. If the 'other' side is hot, the valve isn't turning on. This is what you hope the problem is, cheap and easy. Blend door not operating properly. This is the flapper door within your heater/AC box that puts air through the heater core or the AC core. Checking or fixing it means removing the dash, which isn't any fun. Hope it's the valve above.

2006-12-27 21:08:41
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Q: What are some possible causes for having no heat in a 91 mercury grand marquis?
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