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Well it's not really emotional it's really social stuff that gets the guy who is crazy about you to like you (like you even more). Tip 1. Find something in common with him (e.g if he likes sports and you like sports too talk about that) or find more than one thing that you two have in common. Tip 2. Hang around with him a lot then he'll know that you like him and probably ask you something like...'will you be my girlfriend'...'so you want to see a movie sometime' etc. Tip 3. Just be yourself and don't be nervous just go for it. What do you mean "get a guy" Get him to marry you? Have sex with you? Date you-Dating you is the same as having sex with you. What it is you want?

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Which is correct she is already crazy or she is crazy already?

Either of these are correct. :)

What is an adjective for crazy?

The word crazy is already an adjective.

What is an adjective for crazy shoes?

Crazy is already the adjective. It describes shoes.

What drives women crazy?

Women is emotional,, you may drive her crazy by appreciating the good areas on her and try to kiss her sincerely

How would the king from Inca kill them?

Because he was crazy and powerful

Why are women so crazy about gold and diamond?

In truth, 'everyone' is 'crazy' about gold and diamond. Why? Because of the emotional baggage that goes along with gifts of gold and diamonds, and because of the monetary value of gold and diamonds that may be available once the emotional baggage has been removed.

Is demi crazy?

Yes she is she was bi-polar already but she started cutting herself and she's just crazy now

How crazy are you insane people?

Being crazy and insane is a preresquite of being a Supervisor on WikiAnswers.- YEA AND IM NOT CRAZY!!! my doctors are yet to find a name powerful enough to describe my condition

Is Rihanna bipolar?

I honestly think Rihanna is crazy so that will also go with bipolar were just alike, so yea I think RiRi is bipolar, crazy and emotional.

How powerful is gaia?

Listen people.Gaea is way powerful. She's literally the mother of all monsters and Titans. She Mother Earth. She can drive you crazy and plan your doom.

Who is the most powerful gogos crazy bones?

Hiraku Fist Ichiru B-Boy Angiru

Why will a guy give you a complete silent treatment after your first date while before it he was crazy about you?

Who cares. Dump this Emotional Blackmailer!

Why does love makes you go crazy?

because it is not true Answer Because it is a very powerful emotion when you are truly in love.

Can your feelings change for someone you are not crazy about and who is crazy about you?

Yes, eventually you could find something that will drive you crazy about her or him after getting to know them long enough. Their attempts could also be satisfying, you may not know your already crazy about her but if you give in she/he will stop trying so hard.

What emotional health have in common with wellness?

example: you can become depressed and as a result, eat less, sleep less, and in some cases go crazy

What are the problems with your emotional changes?

/the problem is that because kimberly is always crazy and she always hit the boys all the time until the boys cry

How would you give the impression that a character in your story was crazy?

Nobody can write your story for you! You must think of things that have an emotional impact for you. What things would you consider crazy if someone did them? How do crazy people talk? What things would a crazy person do? Why is this person crazy? What made him crazy in the first place? Why does he go into this room? Even crazy people have reasons. What kind of crazy? Just general weirdness and being off-the-wall, or a genuine mental disorder? If a mental disorder, what is it? How would it affect them? If general weirdness, is it deliberate? How do they react in certain circumstances? How does stress take them?

Is there going to be a super crazy guitar mania deluxe 3?

there already is stupid haha yes there is

Why did the Sioux unite under the leadership opf Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse?

They were powerful and would be good leaders in battle.

What causes a person to be insane?

Well, there are literally hundreds of ways that people turn "crazy". Some people turn "crazy", because of emotional turmoil, i.e. a significant event in their life that caused them that much emotional pain or upset, that he can't mentally cope with it. This is what happens to people that are diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress. Other reasons include mental problems, such as dementia, or Psychosis.

Why are people who hear and see God not considered crazy?

Some people are so desperate, they'll listen. I don't know about you, but they're crazy in my book! God is so powerful, he'll kill anyone who sees him.

Can you download LEGO universe on a computer if you already downloaded it on another computer and be crazy at the same time?


How do you create an instant bond with the guy who is crazy about you?

If a guy is "crazy about you" then I'd say that a bond has already been created. All you need to do is just be yourself and get "things" started by saying hello.

What is more powerful a 2004 yz 85 or a 2008 crf 150?

the crf150 i own a 04yz and i rode the crf its a crazy bike

What is a statement that describes Mercutio?

Mercutio was crazy, witty and talkative... he also was sarcasic and well... funny. Hes really annoying and emotional too... he has a terrible temper!