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Q: What are some problems that minority groups face around the world?
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What kind of problems did Germany have between World War 1 and World War 2?

money problems

Human rights groups in the 20th century worked to?

Answer this question… ensure that people around the world were protected from brutal treatment.

What speaker would be most likely to agree that the American Revolution cannot be compared to the French Revolution because the American Revolution did not involve a basic class struggle?

The American experience is a unique story of the nation. Due especially to the presence of large, unused frontier during most of our history, we have been spared many of the problems and conflicts found in the rest of the world. (2)American history is a series of compromises between groups who have disagreed, but never over basic issues. From the writing of the Constitution to the decision to withdraw from Vietnam, extremists have represented only a minority view; the majority of the American people have usually favored compromise and moderate solutions to problems. Probably the answer you are looking for is Karl Marx.

What political problems did the world face after the World War 1?

they learned not to mess with the Germans

Why was India split into two and later three separate nations following World War 2 and what three countries did it become?

Indian minority group , The Muslims demanded for a self ruling independent country, at present , "Pakistan" which was followed by another demand of giving the eastern minority groups an independent country which is now "Bangladesh". For the why part, no official reason was given by Britishers, governing body explained those two provinces Punjab and West Bengal, as too large to govern effectively. It was seen as an attempt of "divide and rule" which India still pays for and will continue paying.

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Who Minority groups during world war 2?

Sorry. Your question makes no sense. Please try again...

Why was fighting in World War 2 such a dilemma for minority groups?

it is so stupid cause people should stop fighting and start loving

Dicuss the ethical problems of doing business around the world?

discuss the ethical problems of doing business around the world

Significant social changes in the navy during world war ii had the greatest impact on which of the following American minority groups?

African Americans and Women

Are whites considered to be a minority in the US?

No, whites are not considered a minority in the United States. The term "minority" in the U.S. typically refers to groups that are underrepresented or have less power due to factors like race, ethnicity, or gender. Whites make up the majority of the U.S. population.

What is the difference between a minority and ethnic group?

minorities refer to any ethic group in a country or area that is not the largest ethnic group. For instance, in the United States Caucasians (whites) are the majority ethnic group; while Blacks, Asians, Native Americans and so on are minorities, or minority ethnic groups. However a minority is not limited to being an ethnic group, for example left handed people are a minority in the world. However, usually when minorities are referenced in politics they do mean ethnic groups.

Biologist discover problems by?

observing the world around them

What was the New world liberation front?

The New World Liberation Front was a group dedicated to liberating and providing equality for all minority groups in the 1970's. They focused on ending police brutality and improving housing in the ghettos.

Biologists discover problems by observing the world around them?


What resulted from the panic of 1873?

Economic problems and depression around the world

The largest minority group in china is?

the world

How people change the world around them to meet their needs and solve problems?