What are some problems with this philosophy?

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Why is logic necessary for the study of philosophy?

Logic is necessary for the study of philosophy so as to be able to reason out some of the principles used in philosophy. Philosophy tries to connect general problems to reality and therefore logic must be applied.

What are the problems of studying the philosophy of man?

Man created philosophy, hence it's flawed.

What is the difference between the study of philosophy and the philosophy of man?

Philosophy comes from the words philo=love and sophia=knowledge/wisdom. Philosophy tries to solve the problems that aren't tangible. Like existence, knowledge, metaphysics etc. The philosophy of man is philosophy that focuses on man and its problems. For example government, schooling and law.

What is the Scope of philosophy?

The scope of philosophy applies practical strategies so to get some fundamental answers to various problems. Some of the elements involved include knowledge, reality, mind, logic and language among others.

Why Problems of Philosophy?

Word all by it self is abstract.Philosophy tries to make a sense from the abstract form.This hardship may work for some time but not eternally.This is the intrinsic problem philosophy is facing.

What do philosophy books deal with?

Philosophy books deal with the topics that philosophy deal with. One of the general themes is how to address the problems in society and the reactions of people.

What is pratical philosophy?

A section of philosophy dealing with everyday practical problems. For example moral philosophy which deals with a moral dilemma one may find in his own life, is "practical philosophy".

What is the definition of nominal definition of philosophy?

The nominal definition of philosophy is the study of fundamental and general problems. These are problems which are related to mind, language, knowledge, values, reason, existence and reality.

What is the definition of analytical philosophy?

analytic philosophy; the attempt to resolve philosophical problems through analysis of language and meaning

Why is philosophy the foundation of education?

Because without it, there is nothing. Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems. Philosophy looks at everything in a critical way, which opens the mind to everything.

What is the relationship between history and philosophy?

There is a direct relationship between history and philosophy. Most of the fundamental problems and concepts that are studied in philosophy are based on historical evidences and proofs.

What did philosophy do?

Philosophy is the study of the fundamental problems to do with knowledge and beliefs. Philosophy is closely related to religion because it's not something that can be proven, It's more to do with opinions. Philosophy has had an impact on our view on the mind and the world in which we live in.

What education is required for philosophy jobs?

One must have a college degree in philosophy to have a career in philosophy. Philosophy is the study of fundamental and general problems concerning justice, credibility, mind, beauty, truth, language, existence and knowledge.

What has the author Daniel J Bronstein written?

Daniel J. Bronstein has written: 'Basic problems of philosophy' -- subject(s): Philosophy

What are the problems in philosophy of man?

Most of it is untestable - so its just opinion.

What has the author James Rachels written?

James Rachels has written: 'Problems from philosophy' -- subject(s): Philosophy 'Moral problems' -- subject(s): Social ethics 'Ethical Theory 1' 'Philosophical issues' -- subject(s): Modern Philosophy, Philosophy, Modern 'The Elements of Moral Philosophy with Dictionary of Philosophical Terms' 'The Truth About the World: Basic Readings in Philosophy with PowerWeb' 'The elements of moral philosophy' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Textbooks, Morale, Ethics, Ethiek, Morals 'The Right Thing To Do' -- subject(s): Ethics

How does confucian philosophy differ from greek philosophy?

Confucian philosophy is eastern, Greek philosophy is western. Eastern philosophy doesn't think about the answers to questions about how the earth became like this. Confucius mainly thought about what was the best way to govern a state. He didn't think of practical problems.

Is philosophy for eveyone?

No science is for all.One should have really unsolved problems,should be inquisitive,should be in a position to loose everything.Only those are for philosophy.

Who was Ned Hall?

Ned Hall is currently Professor of Philosophy at Harvard University. He works on problems in metaphysics, philosophy of physics, probability and epistemology.

What has the author Saroj Kumar Das written?

Saroj Kumar Das has written: 'Tagore and the perennial problems of philosophy' -- subject(s): Philosophy

What is the meaning of blog philosophy?

Blog philosophy is when you create a blog about theories and ideas. You can view some samples of blog philosophy at the Philosophy Talk, Typepad website.

What is a sentence with the word philosophy in it?

Here are some sentences.Her philosophy was to love everyone.What is his philosophy?

What is the difference between Buddhist philosophy and Buddhist religion?

Buddhist philosophy is a part of the religion of Buddhism, dealing extensively with problems in metaphysics, phenomenology, ethics, and epistemology.

Philosophy is a study of what?

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, truth, beauty, law, justice, validity, mind, and language.

How can philosophy be applied in a workplace?

Adopting a philosophy that people matter, "things" don't, is a philosophy that would apply in some work situations.