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1803 half cent, 1804 silver dollar, 1797 penny

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Q: What are some rare coins?
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What are some common rare coin dates?

Rare coins are not common. Some rare coins that well known would be a 1909 S VDB penny.

Are Eire Florin coins rare?

Some issues of Eire Proof Florins are considered rare, but general circulation coins are not.

How do you get rare coins besides coin shops?

there are coin shows and coin collecting clubs. I'm sure you can also buy rare coins on the internet. Some pawn shops or jewelry stores may have some rare coins. And private dealers.

Are there any rare coins?

There are many coins that are rare, be more specific.

What coins are rare?

In US coins, silver dollars are rare. In world coins, gold sovereigns are desirable. Ancient coins are rare, especially gold and silver ones.

WHERE i get the coins easly?

There is no easy way to get rare coins.

How did you get your coins?

I bought most of my rare coins at auctions.

What coins are valuable?

Old coins, rare coins, coins made of gold or silver.

Where can one find a list of rare coins and their value?

See the related link below for a price guide to US coins. It doesn't point out the rare coins but you can pick these out yourself. Obviously rare coins are worth much more. Coins with a much higher value than others in that category are probably rare or semi-rare.

Are 1969 New Zealand coins rare?

There are no New Zealand decimal coins that could be considered to be rare.

What are all my rare coins worth?

We cannot see you rare coins. Since we cannot even see your rare coins, we do not even know if your coins are indeed 'rare', what they are, their condition, when they were made - we do not know anything. Please specify in a different question what your coin is, the date it was made, and the condition it is in.

Are there any rare coins from the Bahamas?

Yes, there are rare coins from the Bahamas. One of the coins is a 1991 Bahamas gold coin where only 500 of them were made

How can coins be collected?

You can start a collection of coins with the coins in your pocket. If you want old rare coins, you have to buy them.

What are rare coins worth?

That depends on which rare coin you have. Some rare coins are worth only 150 dollars in average circulated condition while others are worth thousands of dollars. To get a more specific answer include the date and denomination of your coin.

Are all Indian coins rare?


Are 2011 coins rare?

No. If you refer to the early release of some 2011 coins in 2010, it was done deliberately by the Royal Mint from October, 2010.

What are rare one dollar coins?

Please be more specific. Many U.S. one dollar coins are considered rare.

Are Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee coins rare?

No, all modern Queen Elizabeth II coins cannot be considered rare. There are some scarce issues like the Maundy sets, but none of the golden jubilee coins are particularly hard to find.

What are some rare walking liberty half dollars?

None of the Liberty Walking half's are considered rare. Some dates/mintmarks are harder to find, such as 1938-D, any coins dated 1921 regardless of mintmarks and the coins issued in the teens.

Do banks hold rare coins?

Generally not. Old circulated silver coins occasionally turn up, but banks don't make a point of keeping rare coins in stock.

What is the rare twenty dollar coins?


Are there any rare 10 dollar 1894 gold coins?

None of these are rare.

Is cc mint mark rare on silver dollars?

For Morgan dollars, Carson-City mintmarked coins are common, but some dates are considered scarce and some are rare in the higher grades. But no, not all CC Morgens are rare.

What are the rare dates for coins?

in the 1800s are rare.......the Red Book tells you all kinds of rare dates

How much is a rare English Five Pound coins value?

There are no British decimal Five Pound coins that could be considered to be rare. There are a few pre-decimal Five Pound coins that might be considered rare. A year would help.