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1st Answer Well you nipples are bleeding? I would require you go see your doctor, but don't freak out about it, just go see your doctor you'll be fine, did you cut it? Take a memory trail think about it, did you do any thing that could have caused something like that??? If not wait awhile, and if it goes away then no needs to worry (still see your doctor) and If it gets worse then maybe you should get some pills. From. echub 2nd answer If this is the case then PLEASE go to your doctors as soon as possible. There are lots of different breast disorders that could cause this, It may just be an infection, but you need to get it sorted instead of the worry taking over. Consult with your doctor and have a PMA positive mental attitude. God bless.

you might of cut your titties off

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What reasons would eyes to swell and bleed?

There are many reasons why your eyes would swell and bleed. There could be a serious infection flaring for example.

What reasons would a 4 month old refuse to breast feed?

From the breast or a bottle?

Why do astronauts bleed on moon?

I never heard that any did, however I would imagine it would be for the exact same reasons that a person would bleed on the Earth. If you are asking if the moon caused the astronauts to bleed, then no.

Does putting vaseline on your breast and toothpaste on your nipples increase your chance of breast cancer?

vaseline isn't harmful to your breasts,however, toothepaste has aluminum in it and that can help to cause cancer. i couldn't see why you would put toothepast on your nipples but. it may help to cause it

Why does my male cat have weird nipples?

It could be that your cats nipples are fine but you think that they are not right. Male cats don't breast feed to their babies so their nipples would look quite different to female nipples. Based on this information it is likely that your male cats nipples are the way they are because it has been in its genes.

Where do you find the nipples on the front end of your gmc sonoma?

well i would suggest checking at the tip of the breast first

How do you do breast massage?

You would firmly use your three fingers to massage in a stroking way from the nipples and knead the breasts.

For what reasons would women get breast implants?

A reason women would get breast implants is to make her breast look bigger so guys would be more attracted to her. Also women would get breast implants to feel more confident about themselves.

How can a boy caress a breast of a girl?

he would rub her nipples or simply squeeze her boobs. basicly he'll play with your boobies

Why would you bleed while taking the pill?

You will bleed for the following reasons: * Missed pill(s) * Pregnancy * Recently took MAP * UTI

How long should you wait to get your nipples pierced after your breast enlargment?

Consult your surgeon on this one. I would venture a guess that if you feel up to it you should be fine.

Why would a breast be lactating when one is not pregnant?

There are several reasons associated with a breast lactating when one is actually not pregnant.some of the reasons behind this are, taking certain drugs that induce lactation and having higher levels prolactin.

How does Aristotle's beliefs illustrate Greek humanism?

nipples. just nipples. only nipples. if there were no nipples, there would be no life. nipples are the reason that the world exists.

Would ice help enlarge breasts?

I think ice just makes the nipples erect, other than that I don't think it enlarges the whole breast.

Why would a spayed female dog have large nipples?

It would have nipples if it was very fat

If you are not pregnant and don't have breast cancer why else would your breast be sore?

The glands and ducts of the breast can become inflamed or infected. There are a variety of reasons for sore breasts. You should see your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Why would your period cause you to bleed for about 2 weeks straight?

Many reasons, if I were you, I'd call a doctor and see what they say about it.

Why would your nipples be purple sometimes?

Your cold, have weird nipples or your turning into a warewolf ;)

What would cause a woman to bleed bright red blood from her vagina?

There are number of reasons, usually her period , or she could have an implantation bleed (when the egg attaches), or even a miscarriage or of course she may have recently had a baby or a termination.

What does your anus bleed?

I belive it would bleed blood.......

What STD can cause bleeding from your penis?

While there could be several reasons for the male penis to bleed the best answers would come from a doctor.

Can HIV be transmitted by sucking nipples?

no but why would u suck someones nipples anyway

Why would your brake fluid leak from your vauxhall corsa b?

brake pipes could be corroded, loss bleed nipples you would need to check were the leak is coming from imadiatly its not nice going down a big hill with out brakes trust me

How much would one bleed if they were stabbed?

It would depend on where you were stabbed, but you would generally bleed a lot.

What would cause sickness for one day with body aches dizziness 2 or 3 days ago sore breast sensitive nipples?

Sounds like you had a fever which is a symptom of numerous illnesses