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regular bbq sauce mixed with hot sauce and red pepper seasoning then mix together and spread when food on the grill is almost done You can also add honey, franks red hot, some garlic to premade sauce
BBQ Sauces very from region to region, and every BBQ outlet has their own secret. Here is a basic idea though.


1 cup tomato ketchup (tomato sauce or canned tomato soup)

1/2 cup cider vinegar (or Dill pickle juice)

1 tsp sugar (some prefer brown sugar)

1 tsp chili powder

1/8 tsp salt

1 1/2 cups water

3 stalks celery, chopped (some don't like this)

3 bay leaves

1 clove garlic

2 Tbsp onion, chopped (I prefer more, like a whole onion chopped)

4 Tbsp butter

4 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce (some add a little soy sauce)

1 tsp paprika

dash black pepper

(I also add liquid smoke)

Combine all the ingredients and bring to a boil. Simmer about 15 minutes. Remove from heat and strain. (I like a little texture in mine so I don't strain)

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Where I can find recipes for sauces?

You can find many sauce recipes online at You can find almost any kind of sauce imaginable they have marinara sauces, BBQ sauces, sweet and sour sauces, and even cranberry sauce you should give them a look I'm sure you will find what you are looking for there.

Can you share some BBQ recipes with me?

I personally do not barbeque but you can find some really great recipes on the following or at your vegetarian friends.

What are some amazing bbq recipes?

Hi There I have a site/blog which is devoted to helping future grill masters. There are several recipes and one outstanding sauce recipe's. Http:// The Jerky Guru

Why do some recipes for BBQ sauces and brine's call for heating or boiling and some don't?

To be safe rather than sorry, the health department will tell you that all brine's and BBQ sauces should reach the boiling point for several minutes to kill any bacteria and to avoid contamination. It has been my experience that doing this to a recipe that does not call for the heating of the sauce or brine does not hurt of change the flavor.

What are some good BBQ sauces?

Barbeque sauce is a personal preference but as for myself I like Home made sauces. If you prefer there are many different flavored bottled sauces in the supermarkets.

Where can I find quick and easy recipes for grilling?

You can find some quick grilling recipes at Allrecipes is another great site that also has quick grilling recipes. You can find them at

What is the Shelf life of homemade BBQ sauces?

90 days

Bridal gifts that start with the letter b?

BBQ tools, blender, BBQ sauces, etc. I hope that helps!

What are some sausage BBQ recipes?

A good sausage BBQ recipe would be the BBQ Sausage and Peppers recipe. It's both spicy and delicious. You can boil the sausage first then grill if you want.

Which charcoal grill recipes are yummy?

Some of yummy recipes can be find in this site examples are Yummy Honey Chicken Kabobs, Grilled Chicken Recipes. They have good grilling recipes.

What are some recipes for wild turkey?

Recipes for wild turkeys are roast turkey or turkey pie or by using your imagination. Other recipes are turkey soup or broth. Or BBQ turkey kebabs with peppers.

Is there any healthy BBQ recipes?

Yes their are a lot of them, i strongly recommend you buy a cookbook so you can scroll through pages to find some recipes or look on the internet to find some.

How long has jack Daniels been selling sauces in the US?

Jack Daniels first released their line on excellent BBQ sauces in May of 1992

Is meatballs healthy?

yes and no as the meat is healthy but the sauces (tomato & BBQ) r not as healthy

What are some good BBQ recipes?

You can find a good bbq recipe from many different places. The Cooking Network is a great source to use to find all types of delicious recipes. If nothing on the television is of any assistance, you can always try the internet.

What is an authentic Korean BBQ recipe?

There are a number of different korean bbq recipes out there. AllRecipes is a fantastic website that has recipes for almost everything. They have a number of variations that all look delicious.

How are southern BBQ sauces different from sauces in the other regions of the US?

Lemon, Tabasco Sauce, Honey, Hickory Smoke, and Mesquite Smoke are all associated with the so called "Southern" BBQ sauces. But BBQ sauce has its roots in the orient. The immigrant Asian work force in the early developement of America brought the idea of dipping sauces to the American frontier. Since that time "BBQ sauce" developed to what we expect today. This is the philosophy of Richard Wright 1958 - # on Barbeque Sauces. I have a "secret recipe" that is very tasty. I discovered it experimenting and developing different and exciting flavors for BBQ sauce. I believe that serving a variety of flavors makes the food exciting for the guest. BAR-B-CUE, is different from state to state. If the "south" means only the state of Texas, then the recipes for bbq is listed in the answer above. I live in the south and have never had any of those before. Alabama has a BBQ sauce that is mayonaise based and is white in color. Georgia has a ketchup (catsup) or tomato based recipe. South Carolina has a mustard base. North Carolina has a vinegar base. In the Texas area, beef is used more as a BBQ. In the other mentioned states, Pork butt or shoulder is used. My personal favorite is all of the above.

What are vegetarian recipes for barbecue that fed a large group?

Here's some websites with vegetarian barbeque recipes: and

Where can one find recipes for Korean BBQ?

There are many different resources online that have Korean BBQ recipes. One could browse through websites like Food, Maangchi, The Kitchn and Food For My Family.

What are the 5 major sauces?

Tomato Sauce Brown Sauce BBQ SAuce Salad Cream Mayo

How good is Sugarfire BBQ?

Really really good. Their meats are cooked to perfection, and they have a variety of delicious sauces.

Which barbecue sauces are vegan?

Bull HeadHP Classic bbq sauceHP Hot bbq sauceOrganicVilleTrader Joes all natural barbeque sauce

What are some good places to search for chicken breast recipes?

The places to search for chicken recipes are chicken meat lovers recipes. There are healthy, spicy, tangy, BBQ, and many others. Try Healthy Living as well and Country Cooking.

Where can I find a recipe for barbecue turkey online?

There are many amazing food sites that provide great recipes, online. For BBQ turkeys however, this will probably be the best site for you: This specific recipe has gotten many positive reviews and it suits your need.

What barbecue sauces are gluten free?

Sainsbury's own sticky BBQ sauce is gluten free and is so yummy.

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